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Revolutionizing Conversations, Recent Updates on Qontak NLP Chatbot

Published 03 November 2023
Last updated 02 May 2024
Revolutionizing Conversations, Recent Updates on Qontak NLP Chatbot

Customers today are all about self-service and independence in getting what they want from a business. Businesses are pushed to provide their customers with ease and simplicity, reinforcing the shift in customers’ behaviors. One of the solutions is to implement some bot automation in the current business process that will help both the customers and your business. Utilizing bot automation can significantly increase engagement with your customers and on the other hand, reduce operational costs.

Some doubt that bots have their limitations and they definitely cannot carry conversations that feel like human. Leveraging a Natural Language Processing bot (NLP chatbot) is the gateway to providing transformative customer engagement, giving a human-like experience firsthand. With NLP chatbot, you’re seamlessly entering into a world of enhanced automation, flawless issue resolution, improved lead generation, and invaluable collection of customer feedback.

At Mekari Qontak, we’re always in the pursuit of excellence. It’s in the spirit of innovation we announce our recent advancement – an NLP chatbot that is designed to elevate your customer interactions to the next level. We believe that technology should be a tool to empower you and this chatbot will give you that lift.

In this article, we’ll examine and show how this transformative technology can reinvent the way companies interact with customers.

Evolving Conversational AI, Our Latest NLP Chatbot Upgrades

Mekari Qontak NLP chatbot is on a mission to elevate the standard in customer engagement. It harnesses the power of the advanced capabilities of Natural Language Processing technology to empower businesses to give as natural and seamless service as possible to their customers. NLP bots have the ability to communicate in their own language, from reading, interpreting, and responding to inquiries. It gives the feel of communicating with humans, when in fact, customers are interacting with a bot.

In essence, in developing an NLP chatbot, we created a model that enables computers to decipher and imitate the way humans communicate. Unlike conventional word processing operations, NLP doesn’t take speech as simply symbols or texts, it takes into consideration the structure of the sentences itself – words build phrases, phrases create sentences, and sentences into logical ideas.

So, here’s how you can utilize the NLP bot in Qontak.

Enabling NLP into your conversation

The first step into the world of NLP is to enable it. In order to enable it, you must have access to the chatbot builder, a place where you can easily build your own chatbot. The NLP option can be found on the right side of the panel, in any of the chatbots.

Simply turn on the NLP connector toggle, and you’re good to go. After turning on the toggle to the NLP connector, you will then be able to select the language of the conversation that you wish the bot to communicate in.

Qontak NLP chatbot - enabling the NLP

We’ll show you the accuracy as well. The accuracy Ratio determines the level of accuracy the bot will be able to understand unknown keywords and closely imitate it to similar words/meanings to the keyword that you train the chatbot with. Usually, the accuracy is 90%.

Training the bot to understand the conversation better

Once you turn on the NLP connector and set the language, you can train your bot to better understand the user intent. Go to the flow of one of the chatbots you may have, and you can see the button to train the chatbot.

Training the NLP chatbot is essential to the success of understanding the user intent more perfectly. In this part, you’ll get to input some similar keywords that closely correlate with the keywords that might be easily misspelled or hard to understand.

You can input 8 keywords to specific responses. Once you input all possible keywords, click apply.

How is Qontak NLP Chatbot Different from its Traditional Bot

As highlighted earlier, NLP chatbot employs artificial intelligence to mimic human dialogue. In contrast, traditional conversational bots typically lack AI abilities, resulting in interactions that feel unnatural and template.

Most conventional bots operate within the confines of rule-based mechanisms established by the creators. When users issue specific commands, these bots, pre-programmed, deliver responses according to the questions or intents. However, these bots tend to struggle when confronted with queries beyond their set rules due to the lack of adaptability to understanding human interactions. As a result, these bots will either stop responding or recalibrate the responses to the set rules.

So what distinguishes NLP bots from the rest? Here are some defining characteristics that set NLP chatbots apart from the conventional bots:

The ability to comprehend human language

The NLP chatbots possess a remarkable ability to understand and interpret human language. With NLP, chatbots can engage with user input, even with spelling and grammatical errors. It enables these bots to differentiate between the user’s intention and question, a crucial aspect in addressing user needs accurately and promptly. Additionally, NLP extends its to confines various dimensions of natural language, including understanding the emotional content and emphasis.

It resembles a genuine conversation

One of the most significant barriers faced by chatbots is that users can input anything. With conventional bots, where the bots are conditioned to follow the rules, any unanticipated input can lead to derail conversations, which can affect engagement. The unique aspect of an NLP chatbot is its adaptability to conversational cues, cultivating an atmosphere of natural dialogue.

Try Mekari Qontak NLP Chatbot Now

Using our NLP chatbot is a great way to elevate your conversational experience hence it’ll help you generate more leads, sales, and retention. Get it now for free.

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