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Drive better lead generation and sales with an intelligent chatbot on WhatsApp

Streamline your customer service and lower expenses by utilizing a no-code virtual assistant on the chatbot WhatsApp creation platform.

  • 24/7 AI-driven service to answer all customers’ queries at any time
  • Increase customer experience with personalized messages on WhatsApp
  • Support conversations at scale through popular social messaging apps
  • Increase customer trust with WhatsApp’s official green tick badge
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Trusted by 35,000+ business worldwide of all sizes

Enable automated interactions starting from the initial contact until the purchase


Increasing engagement

Triggered messages from your bot have a higher probability of being opened by subscribers compared to bulk campaigns.


Leads conversion

Transform potential leads into paying customers through the delivery of valuable content within your automated workflows.


Gather feedbacks

Enhance your product or service by gathering feedback from your customers, empowering you to create a superior offering.


24/7 support

Establish real-time chat functionality to offer round-the-clock support and prompt responses to address customer inquiries.

“Qontak’s WhatsApp API really helps us to focus more on customers, and chat with them directly. WhatsApp makes our communication easier and more personal.”

Angela Vanesia HalimBusiness and Finance Manager Raiz Invest

4x faster agent response time

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“With WhatsApp Chatbot, our team’s resolve time is quicker since the students will only ask questions other than the ones provided by our Chatbot .”

Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager Prasetiya Mulya

100% increase on communication efficiency

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“Every complaint is easier & quicker to be solved with WhatsApp API. And at the same time, it increases our sales since we’re able to reach more customers using WhatsApp.”

Cindy OzzieCo-Founder Pasarnow

75% increase in customer satisfaction index

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to get a WhatsApp chatbot?

To get a WhatsApp chatbot, you must partner with a chatbot platform or service provider offering WhatsApp integration, such as Mekari Qontak.

Mekari Qontak provides tools and resources to create and customize chatbots for WhatsApp. Then you can sign up for an account and access the chatbot development environment to create your chatbot on WhatsApp.

Which is the best chatbot platform for WhatsApp?

1. Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak provides a comprehensive AI chatbot platform for WhatsApp integration. Mekari Qontak itself is an official WhatsApp API partner that offers advanced technologies for businesses.

Main features: Customizable conversation flows, auto reply, integration with other business systems (call center applications, CRM software, omnichannel systems), analytics and reporting, multi-language support, and many more.

Developer: PT Qontak Tumbuh Makmur


Download Link: Android | iOS

2. ManyChat

ManyChat is a popular chatbot platform that supports integration with WhatsApp along with other messaging platforms. It offers a user-friendly interface for building and managing chatbots.

Main features: CRM integration, templates and automation tools, audience segmentation, broadcast messaging.

Developer: ManyChat, Inc.


3. Freshchat

Freshchat is a customer messaging platform that includes support for WhatsApp integration. It provides a unified inbox for managing conversations across multiple channels.

Main features: Omnichannel messaging, chat routing and assignment, chatbots and AI-powered suggestions, team collaboration, analytics and reporting.

Developer: Freshworks Inc.


  • Make customers feel valued by allowing them the opportunity to feel heard
  • Shortened response time to distressed customers can quickly ease tension
  • Good experiences increase chances of customer loyalty
  • Consistent positive communication increases sales and revenue
  • Improved workplace wellbeing by streamlining and prioritising agents
  • Better lead generation and data collection of interacting customers

1. Sign up or log in to the Qontak Chat Panel
2. Plan the flow of the conversation
3. Submit the conversation flow

The cost to integrate the WhatsApp Chatbot starts from US$34. However, you will need to use the WhatsApp Business API in order to create a chatbot.

You can find out more information about WhatsApp Business pricing here.

1. Sign up and log in to the Mekari Qontak Chat Panel.
2. Access the broadcast messaging feature in the panel.
3. Create a new broadcast message and customize its content.
4. Select the target audience or segment for the broadcast.
5. Schedule the broadcast for a specific date and time or send it immediately.

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