The best helpdesk software

Helpdesk software efficiently manages customer service

Helpdesk software helps support teams to serve customers 24/7, automated ticket generation, and respond quickly to customer messages.

  • Auto complete customer ticket
  • Simplify customer service flow
  • Advanced routing agent system
  • Save time on completing customer tickets
  • Integration of all channels in one platform

The best Helpdesk Software

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Business Challenges Without Helpdesk Software


Unsolved ticket

Some customer tickets were not resolved because they were buried with others or forgotten.


Disappointed customer

Customers feel disappointed because they got a bad experience.


Not integrated

Communication channels are not connected to each other.

Helpdesk software provides quality service

Helpdesk software lets you automate services and prioritize important tickets for immediate completion..

Growth customer satisfaction

Growth customer satisfaction

  • Generate automatic tickets, equipped with detailed customer information.
  • Automatically route tickets to agents fairly to serve customers.
  • Prioritize expiring tickets and set reminder notifications to be completed soon.
Disappointed customer

Disappointed customer

  • Record and create customer tickets manually.
  • Unfair ticket distribution to each agent
  • Lost customer because the ticket was missed.

Accelerate your customer service!

Increase customer engagement by helpdesk software

Support customers to solve their own problems by providing FAQs and auto reply.

Helpdesk software builds strong relationships

  • Enable chatbots to help solve simple customer problems.
  • Create personalized interactions based on conversation history.
  • Send messages on a scheduled basis to strengthen the relationship.
Helpdesk software builds strong relationships

Useless customer relations

  • Customers can only interact during operating hours.
  • Customers are not satisfied with the services provided.
  • Customers have to wait a long time to be served.
Useless customer relations

Strengthen customer relationships!

Improve customer satisfaction by helpdesk software

Connect all business communication channels in one unified platform to provide a consistent customer experience.

Provide a consistent customer experience

Provide a consistent customer experience

  • Integrate all your business communication channels in one dashboard view.
  • Encourage your support team to provide consistent service across every channel.
  • Make it easy for teams to collaborate on solving customer requests.
Worst customer experience

Worst customer experience

  • The customer must repeat the question every time switching channels.
  • Customers do not have the option to communicate from their favorite channels.
  • Have to switch apps to collaborate on completing tickets.

Create valuable experiences!

What is Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk software is a tool to provide information and assistance to customers or end users. The purpose of this helpdesk service is to complement or provide direction about a product and its functions, such as online customer service.

Helpdesk software is an important thing in a company. Because this system is able to solve problems from various questions quickly. In addition, the online helpdesk is also able to better answer questions that are often complained of, because the various questions and complaints submitted are recorded.

What are the features of the helpdesk software?

Some must-have features for helpdesk software are:

  • Multi-channel support
  • Automation system
  • Self service ability
  • Tracking and analytical reports
  • Integration
  • All support team work is well organized
    No more forgotten or lost tickets or customer complaints
  • Make a coherent and detailed problem report
  • Provide self-service for customers who want to find out the problems they are facing independently
  • Provide quality customer service
  • Categorize customer problems to facilitate the resolution process because they will be given to each individual with specific expertise

Helpdesk software is essential for helping businesses manage customer communications. So that it can provide a faster and more effective response.

Overall, this software can support the support team to provide the best customer experience to customers.

In addition, helpdesk software can help provide all customer interactions from various channel sources in one view and are integrated with each other. This software can also facilitate interaction with customers and track what problems they face.

  1. Front End (User) will be responsible for solving problems related to the products or services used by customers. This usually relates to how to use or repair the product
  2. Help Desk will be recorded every incoming customer complaint or ticket. In addition, at this stage they must be able to overcome these problems properly
  3. Back End contains specialists or engineers who are able to solve customer problems according to their fields. They will even visit the customer’s residence to solve problems that are usually related to installation
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