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Top 27 WhatsApp Marketing Software for Boosting Your Business

Published 10 March 2023
Last updated 25 April 2024
WhatsApp Marketing Software
Top 27 WhatsApp Marketing Software for Boosting Your Business

Are you looking for ways to leverage WhatsApp as a marketing channel for your business? If so, you’re in luck! Now, many WhatsApp marketing software options can help you connect with your audience and engage with them on the platform.

This article has compiled a list of the best WhatsApp marketing software to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

These software options have everything you need to succeed on WhatsApp, from automation to analytics.

WhatsApp Business API Free Trial

Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Recommendations

1. Mekari Qontak

Logo Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak is one of the best WhatsApp marketing software that offers a range of features to support your marketing activities.

This is because Mekari Qontak provides the official WhatsApp Business API and exceptional integration capabilities for your business.

With Mekari Qontak, you can send mass promotional messages to many contacts using the WhatsApp blast feature.

You can also integrate WhatsApp me into other business applications like Omnichannel, CRM, and Chatbot to improve sales and customer service and effectively reach and engage your audience.

Pricing: Start from $55 per month.

Some key features of Mekari Qontak include:



  • The system includes the WhatsApp Business API
  • Automate WhatsApp notifications and message blasts
  • Includes WhatsApp green tick dan chatbot
  • Easy integration of WhatsApp API and chat channels & other social media
  • Including sales system and customer service
  • Limited to some countries



WATI WhatsApp Marketing Software

WATI (WhatsApp Marketing Intelligence) is a WhatsApp marketing software that enables companies to connect with and reach their audience on the platform.

This tool is made to help businesses effectively market their goods and services and communicate with customers by offering a variety of features and tools.

Pricing: Starting from $50 per month.

Some key features of WATI include:

  • Native APIs from WhatsApp
  • Webhooks from WhatsApp
  • Submit templates from FB Business Manager
  • Free 1,000 conversations per month



  • The platform is fully focused on WhatsApp
  • It has several features that are limited to this app


3. is a WhatsApp marketing software that helps businesses automate their communication with customers and prospects on the platform, improving efficiency and increasing engagement.

Pricing: Starting from $79 per month.

Some key features of include:

  • 10 Users Included (Seats)
  • 1,000 Monthly Active Contacts
  • All Core Features



  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Platforms do not provide access to WhatsApp APIs


4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue WhatsApp Marketing Software

Sendinblue is a comprehensive marketing platform that offers a range of tools and features for businesses looking to reach and engage with their audience on WhatsApp.

It provides various tools and features to help businesses effectively reach and engage with their audience on the platform.

Pricing: Starting from $25 per month for Starter.

Some key features of Sendinblue’s WhatsApp marketing tools include:

  • From 20k emails per month.
  • No daily sending limit
  • No Sendinblue logo (add-on)
  • Basic reporting & analytics
  • Email support



  • All-in-one interface
  • Access to the WhatsApp API within its own platform
  •  The number of integrations is limited


5. Twilio


Twilio is a cloud-based communication platform that offers a variety of tools and features to companies that want to connect with customers and prospects on WhatsApp and have conversations with them.

Businesses can use a single, simple platform to send and receive messages and set up automated responses and notifications, thanks to Twilio’s WhatsApp API.

Pricing: Pricing is customized based on your needs.

Some key features of Twilio:

  • Developer sandbox for application testing
  • API‑powered text and template messaging
  • Managed WhatsApp container infrastructure



  • Allows you to buy virtual phone numbers
  • Allows you to set SMS interfaces within your software
  • It provides an interface that will enable you to monitor your virtual line and balance
  • It would be good to have a user interface for one-time projects
  • Sometimes is difficult to find documentation


6. WhatSender


Businesses can use the WhatSender software to send automated campaigns and bulk messages to large groups of WhatsApp users.

It offers a variety of tools and features to assist businesses in effectively interacting with their audience on the platform and reaching them.

Pricing: Starting from $3 per month.

Some key features of WhatSender include:

  • Unlimited messages on your WhatsApp accounts
  • Maximum of 5 WhatsApp accounts per subscription



  • User friendly
  • Difficult to reach service support

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7. AiSensy

AiSensy WhatsApp Broadcast Software

AiSensy is a WhatsApp marketing platform with everything you need to communicate with, notify, and engage your users in one place.

Pricing: Starting from ₹999 per month.

Some key features of AiSensy include:

  • Broadcast Promotional Offers to Unlimited Users
  • Automate Messages via Integrations
  • Enable Multi-Agent Live Chat for Customer Support
  • Install AI Chatbots and be available 24 x 7



  • Various features
  • Missing team inbox for internal details sharing


8. DelightChat


DelightChat is a customer support and marketing platform that helps direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands manage customer queries and interactions from various channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, email, and live chat, in a single dashboard.

The platform offers a complete suite of WhatsApp marketing tools built on the official WhatsApp API. These include sending broadcasts to customer lists, automating abandoned cart recovery, sending order tracking notifications, and verifying cash on delivery orders.

Pricing: Starting from $49 per month + WhatsApp charge.

Some key features of DelightChat include:

  • Promotional Broadcasts
  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery
  • Cash on Delivery Verification
  • Order Confirmation, Fulfillment
  • Collect Product Reviews
  • Winback & Reorder Campaigns
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell Automation
  • Marketing ROI Analytics



  • Easy-to-use
  • Provides fast support
  • Can’t build & customize an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot


9. SendApp

SendApp WhatsApp Marketing Software

SendApp is a marketing platform that lets businesses use messaging apps like WhatsApp to create and send personalized messages, advertisements, and other information.

Businesses can create marketing campaigns by customizing messages with texts, images, emojis, videos, and links on the platform, which is designed to be easy to use and doesn’t require any technical skills.

Pricing: Free for seven days

Some key features of SendApp:

  • Innovative marketing
  • Attract immediate interest
  • Stimulates actions with customers
  • Automates sending messages
  • Get great results
  • Sendapp marketing campaigns via chat



  • SendApp has a photo editor for fine-tuning the images attached to your mass campaigns
  • You need not be a member of the Sites to access the Sites or use the content or services


10. RapBooster

RapBooster WhatsApp Marketing Software

Rapbooster is a WhatsApp marketing software that allows businesses to send bulk messages to potential clients and includes the option to attach images, videos, PDFs, and text messages.

This marketing software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Pricing: Contact them to find out the price.

Some key features of RapBooster include:

  • Safe Sending Mode
  • Number Filter
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Send Unlimited Messages
  • Groups Contacts



  • Provide a free trial
  • It can be adjusted according to your budget
  • Provide digital marketing solutions
  • Limited features


11. WappBlaster


WappBlaster is a cloud-based WhatsApp marketing software that allows businesses to send bulk messages, including OTPs, order confirmations, and scheduled follow-ups.

It is designed to be easy to use and helps businesses efficiently reach and engage with their audience on the platform.

Pricing: Contact them to find out the price

Some key features of WappBlaster include:

  • No downloads
  • Send Bulk Whatsapp
  • Saving Time
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Schedule Auto Followup



  • Provides an easy-to-use guide for sending bulk broadcasts
  • Messages can attach videos and pictures, which makes them more interactive
  • Sometimes the message shows as failed, but the end-user has accepted it


12. Sirena

Sirena WhatsApp Automation Tool

Sirena is a WhatsApp blast software that enables businesses to communicate effectively with customers and improve sales and customer satisfaction.

It allows team members to access and respond to client messages through a shared inbox on a centralized WhatsApp account. It also includes templates for immediate responses to customer inquiries from various channels.

Pricing: Starting from ₹7,261.89 per month.

Some key features of Sirena include:

  • Integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • Sirena Bots
  • Broadcast messages
  • Shared Inbox / exclusive assignment
  • Sirena Buttons
  • API access for platform interoperability
  • Email support



  • Help increase capacity to handle customer inquiries easily
  • It has additional features that stand out from the rest
  • Great for small companies with few customers and few employees
  • The reporting feature sometimes encounters problems that interfere with monitoring blast performance
  • Need to catch up on some integrations
  • Sometimes technical issues occur


13. Enjay World

Enjay World WhatsApp Marketing Software

Enjay World is a free WhatsApp automation tool that offers a range of services for businesses to make their advertising more profitable and efficient.

It includes a free bulk WhatsApp message sender that helps businesses improve their return on investment and communication.

Pricing: Enjay is an open-source WhatsApp automation tool that provides a free Google Sheet for users to add an unlimited number of contacts and send unlimited messages.

Some key features of Enjay World include:

  • Google Sheet template
  • User activity monitoring
  • API Integration
  • Analytical report
  • Personalized marketing
  • Alerts



  • It can be accessed free of charge by using Enjay’s CRM solution
  • Devoted to companies in India


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14. WAAM-it

WAAM-it WhatsApp Broadcast Software

WAAM-it Blaster is a global WhatsApp marketing solution that offers automatically personalized messaging, an advanced WhatsApp chatbot, and API integration for advanced automation.

Pricing: Starting from $577 per year.

Some key features of WAAM-it include:

  • Send unlimited WhatsApp messages
  • Supports XLS, XLSX, CSV, and TXT lists
  • Supports WhatsApp text formatting & emojis
  • Supports RTL message display
  • Renders phone numbers



  • Able to bypass or block the wrong phone number
  • Able to filter the list of the same phone numbers
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
  • Unable to send the attached file


15. WebXion


WebXion is WhatsApp blast software that offers a business solution that can help you send WhatsApp blast messages in bulk.

Pricing: Contact them to find out the price

Some key features of WebXion include:

  • User-Friendly Web Portal
  • Automated Response
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Fully Automated & Easy to Use
  • Send Multi-Media Content
  • Get Detailed Report



  • Help run campaigns and get campaign summary reports online
  • Easily reach your target audience in bulk
  • Limited to some countries


16. WAMessages

WAMessages WhatsApp Blast Software

WAMessages is WhatsApp blast software that can help you connect with customers through WhatsApp messages that are personalized or tailored to your customers.

Pricing: Starting from $24.99 per month.

Some key features of WAMessages include:

  • Import all your contacts directly
  • Send what you want without approval
  • Sending Links to your website
  • Send Photos hassle-free
  • Unsubscribe with a message



  • Send unlimited WhatsApp messages to all your customers in just 3 clicks
  • The WAMessages extension is not intended for bulk messaging


17. Meshink


Meshink is a WhatsApp marketing automation software that helps enterprises generate leads, share information about their products and services with existing clients, and provide customer care services.

It offers tools such as a contact grabber and number extractor, allowing businesses to extract contact information from WhatsApp groups. It will enable companies to send multimedia messages, PDF or CSV files, offers, discounts, and promotions in bulk.

Pricing: Starting from ₹1599 for a lifetime.

Some key features of Meshink:

  • Easy and Convenient to use
  • Automate Replies
  • Schedule Messages
  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Manage to send bulk messages, files, and images with ease
  • Import Numbers and messages



  • Possible to monitor all sales and purchases
  • Use the contact timeline feature to see all interactions
  • The interface gets slow at times


18. Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner is WhatsApp blast software that sends bulk messages on WhatsApp. This is often used by businesses to help with marketing.

In addition, Rapid Planner is equipped with a user-friendly interface, easy to understand, and there is no limit to the number of recipient contacts.

Pricing: Starting from $5.55 per month.

Some key features of Rapid Planner:

  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Bulk message
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-use features



  • Save a lot of operational time
  • WhatsApp bulk sending feature works very fast
  • Can manage, create, and compare multiple options at once
  • Some features need to be fixed
  • They are not equipped with modules or notifications every time there is an update


19. WhatsHash


WhatsHash is a free WhatsApp broadcast software that provides businesses with various tools to make their brand and products more visible on the platform.

It allows businesses to create customizable broadcast lists to send targeted messages to groups based on their category and includes features such as customizable responder templates and CRM management.

Pricing: Free of charge for a basic plan.

Some key features of WhatsHash:

  • Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Responder Template
  • Multimedia
  • Scheduling



  • User-friendly and versatile
  • Only support desktop


20. Agnitas

Agnitas WhatsApp MArketing Software

Agntas is a WhatsApp blast software that can help you to share marketing campaigns effectively at a low cost.

In addition, the features owned by Agnitas can make it easier for you to personalize messages according to customers.

Pricing: Starting from $112.17 per month.

Some key features of Agnitas:

  • Auto-Responders
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Event-Triggered Actions
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Template Management



  • Stable system
  • Competent customer service
  • It helps to respond individually to each recipient
  • Sometimes, the system takes a long time to load


21. Lead Myntra

Lead Myntra WhatsApp Marketing Software

Lead Myntra is a WhatsApp marketing software that offers bulk messaging tools to help businesses improve their operations and reach the next level of growth.

Pricing: Starting from $200 for 10k credit.

Some key features of Lead Myntra:

  • Send Texts, Images, and Videos in Bulk
  • Add and View WhatsApp Groups
  • Send Text, Images, and Videos To Group
  • Filter WhatsApp Groups
  • Add and Filter Contacts
  • Import and View Contacts
  • Reports



  • Good features
  • Looking for updates


22. Whappext


Whappext offers a WhatsApp broadcast software solution with various powerful features to enhance your marketing.

Using Whappext, you can easily send bulk messages to millions of users.

Pricing: Starting from $125 per month.

Some key features of Whappext:

  • Auto Management Platform
  • Start Instantly
  • Data Security
  • Detailed Statistics
  • WhatsApp Numbers Filter
  • Group Extractor



  • Helps reach target audiences by instantly initiating two-way communication
  • Limited for few countries


23. Whatso


Whatso is a web-based platform that allows businesses to import and manage customer contact lists, create targeted campaigns, and send or schedule messages through WhatsApp to grow revenue.

Pricing: Starting from $89 per year.

Some key features of Whatso:

  • 1000 messages free every month
  • Contact Management
  • Run campaigns
  • Unlimited Contacts Import
  • Inbox
  • API credentials
  • Setup fee included



  • Easy to use
  • Various features
  • Limited to some countries


24. Operion

Operion WhatsApp Marketing Software

Operion offers a WhatsApp broadcast software that businesses can use for marketing purposes.

This system allows businesses to send messages to new or unknown audiences, such as sending a flyer in text and image format.

Pricing: Contact them to find out the price.

Some key features of Operion:

  • Personalize Message
  • Mobile Friendly Advertiser
  • Direct Customer Feedback



  • Easy to use
  • Various features
  • Limited to some countries


25. Clickatell

Clickatell WhatsApp Marketing Software

Clickatell offers the WhatsApp Business API. It helps businesses improve their customers’ experience by enabling secure transactions and providing 24/7 support.

It’s also delivering time-sensitive notifications through the world’s most widely used messaging platform.

Pricing: Starting from $50 per month.

Some key features of Clickatell:

  • Online Reporting
  • Support on Multiple Channels
  • Email Support
  • WhatsApp Template Messaging



  • Various features
  • It was hard to set up

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26. Landbot


Landbot is a chatbot-building platform that enables businesses to create interactive and personalized conversational experiences on WhatsApp.

Using Landbot, businesses can make their marketing campaigns more engaging by incorporating rich content and automation into their WhatsApp interactions.

Pricing: Starting from €30 per month.

Some key features of Landbot:

  • No-code builder
  • Test environment
  • Team inbox
  • Integrations
  • Analytics



  • Easy to build a chatbot
  • Not straightforward to set up


27. MessageBird


MessageBird’s WhatsApp automation tool enables businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their customer communication strategies through various methods such as API, Flow Builder low-code solution, or native Zendesk integration.

Pricing: Contact them to find out the price.

Some key features of MessageBird:

  • Get up and running in minutes
  • Automate without code
  • Across the customer journey
  • Rich and interactive



  • It allows you to control the communication of our agents and their activity
  • SMS authentication is pricey

Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Comparison


Best for Pricing

Mekari Qontak

Businesses of all sizes Free Trial
WATI Small business


Businesses of all sizes $79/month
Sendinblue Businesses of all sizes



Small and mid-sized business Pricing is customized based on your needs


Small business


AiSensy Small and mid-sized business



eCommerce $49/month
SendApp eCommerce

Free for seven days


Small business Contact them to find out the price
WappBlaster Small and mid-sized business

Contact them to find out the price


Small and mid-sized business ₹7,261.89/month
Enjay World Small business



Small business $577/year
WebXion Small business

Contact them to find out the price


Small and mid-sized business $24.99/month
Meshink Small business

₹1599 for a lifetime

Rapid Planner

Small business $5.55/month
WhatsHash Small business

Free of charge for basic plan


Mid-sized business and enterprise $112.17/month
Lead Myntra Mid-sized business and enterprise

$200 for 10k credit


Mid-sized business and enterprise $125/month


Small business $89/year


Small business

Contact them to find out the price

Clickatell Small business


Landbot Small and mid-sized business


MessageBird Small and mid-sized business

Contact them to find out the price

How to Choose Best WhatsApp Marketing Software?

When selecting the best WhatsApp marketing software, there are a few things to take into consideration:

1. Features

When choosing WhatsApp marketing software, it is essential to ensure that it has the features you need to run your marketing campaigns effectively. One critical feature is the ability to send bulk messages to your customers or subscribers.

Another significant feature is the ability to create automated campaigns, which allow you to set up a series of messages to be sent out at predetermined intervals.

To ensure that your WhatsApp marketing software has these features and to avoid getting banned from using WhatsApp, it is recommended to use the official WhatsApp API, which official WhatsApp partners provide.

By using the official WhatsApp Business API, you can ensure that you are using software that complies with WhatsApp’s terms of service and has the necessary features for effective marketing.

2. Easy to use

Easy-to-use and navigate software can make it easier for you to start your marketing campaigns, as you will quickly understand how the software works and how to use its various features.

This can save time and effort, as you won’t have to spend much time learning how to use the software.

Additionally, user-friendly software can make it easier for you to make changes or updates to your campaigns, as you can do so quickly and easily.

3. The ability to integrate with other tools

It is essential to consider whether the software integrates with other tools you use for your business.

This can be especially useful if you already have tools to manage your customer relationships and marketing efforts.

For example, if you use an email marketing tool to send out newsletters and promotional messages, it can be helpful if your WhatsApp marketing software integrates with this tool.

This way, you can easily manage all your messaging from a single platform and avoid switching between multiple tools.

4. Pricing

Marketing software can vary widely in price, and choosing software that fits your budget without sacrificing the features and functionality you need is essential.

To compare pricing plans, you can look at the different packages offered by other software providers.

Some software providers offer a range of pricing plans that cater to businesses of different sizes, while others offer a single pricing plan suitable for all businesses.

Don’t forget to consider any additional fees or charges associated with the software, such as fees for sending messages or extra features.

By comparing pricing plans and considering additional fees, you can find software that fits your budget and meets your needs.

You can learn more about WhatsApp’s pricing here.

5. Customer Support

Good customer support can help you get the most out of your marketing software and ensure you can use it effectively.

Some things to consider when looking for customer support include the availability of customer support staff, the responsiveness of the customer support team, and the range of available support options.

For example, choose software with customer support staff available 24/7, as this can be helpful if you encounter any issues with the software outside regular business hours.

Additionally, decide on software that offers a range of support options, such as phone support, email support, and online chat support, so you can select the support option that works best for you.

Find the Perfect WhatsApp Marketing Software to Help Your Business Thrive!

With these top 23 WhatsApp marketing software options at your fingertips, you have the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Start immediately increasing your sales and customer engagement by selecting the best fit for your requirements!

Take advantage of the chance to boost your sales and customer engagement with Mekari Qontak‘s powerful WhatsApp marketing software. Sign up for a free trial today!


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