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Boost your sales with automated and targeted WhatsApp marketing direct messages

WhatsApp Marketing supports various direct one-to-one business promotion activities with customers

  • Send personalized and targeted unlimited WhatsApp broadcast
  • Automatically respond to customer messages in seconds
  • Add and unify your agents into one platform and one number
  • Autosave and manage customer interactions for marketing insights
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Business challenges without using WhatsApp marketing


Ineffective marketing activities

Marketing activities are less targeted due to a lack of information about prospects, customers, and market trends.


The account is vulnerable to blocking

Continuously sending promotional messages can be considered spam and may lead to account blocking by WhatsApp.


Messages are considered spam

Many customers may consider the sent messages spam because they do not come from an official business account (without a green tick verification).


Difficult for customers to shop

Customers must wait for the agent’s response and switch apps to shop, which takes a long time.

Convert more sales

Use WhatsApp to reach more customers and convert them into sales.

Strengthen customer interactions

Strengthen customer interactions

  • Automatically respond to customer messages anytime with chatbot assistance.
  • Personalize each interaction with customers to build familiar relationships.
  • Blast promotional messages to many contacts at once to reach more customers together.
Losing sales

Losing sales

  • Difficult to reach customers.
  • Customers are forced to wait a long time for responses.
  • The account is blocked for sending too many promotional messages.

Optimize WhatsApp marketing

Make shopping easier for customers

Maximize all sales opportunities based on popular trend lines with Instagram marketing tools.

Increase sales and revenue

  • Make it Easier for customers to shop themselves with catalog assistance from chatbot.
  • Automate repetitive tasks so that agents can focus more on sales.
  • Schedule personalized promotional messages as per customer needs.
Increase sales and revenue

Complicated transaction process

  • Customers have to wait for agent responses to process transactions.
  • Customers have to switch platforms to process shopping.
  • A lot of agent time is wasted on repetitive tasks.
Complicated transaction process

Make transactions easier

Boost your marketing activities

Gain insights on all your marketing activities in one real-time accessible dashboard to make better marketing decisions.

Easily monitor all your marketing activities

Easily monitor all your marketing activities

  • Track all your marketing activities through a comprehensive and real-time dashboard.
  • Read popular market trends to make better marketing decisions.
  • Evaluate your marketing activities based on accurate insights from WhatsApp marketing.
Struggle to monitor your marketing activities

Struggle to monitor your marketing activities

  • Lack comprehensive insights on your marketing activities.
  • Difficulty in evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing activities.
  • Sometimes make less effective business decisions.

Improve your marketing strategies

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing is a system that helps businesses market their products or brands through the WhatsApp application. The system is designed to attract prospects through interactions on WhatsApp.

This ability is supported by WhatsApp’s increasing popularity as a communication medium. No wonder many potential customers prefer to interact through WhatsApp rather than other media. Therefore, marketing through WhatsApp is also popular among businesses to generate profits.

What are the tools used in WhatsApp marketing?

The essential tools used in WhatsApp marketing are:

1. Chatbot

Chatbot, a virtual assistant, is equipped with AI-powered artificial intelligence programs. One of its advantages is its ability to respond to many messages automatically using natural language, making it easier for businesses to respond to every customer message more efficiently.

2. WhatsApp Blast

WhatsApp Blast is a WhatsApp Business API feature that can simultaneously send mass messages to many numbers. This capability is helpful for businesses to spread promotional messages to thousands of contacts simultaneously.

3. WhatsApp Chat Panel

The WhatsApp chat panel is a WhatsApp marketing tool that displays all messages. This makes it easier for businesses to monitor incoming and outgoing messages in one dashboard view.

4. Autoreply

As the name suggests, the autoreply tool can automatically respond to every customer message. This tool is active in providing unlimited 24-hour responses.

5. Scheduled Message Delivery

This WhatsApp marketing tool helps businesses schedule the appropriate time to send messages. When the time is right, this tool automatically sends it to the customer.

6. Message Statistics Dashboard

This message statistics dashboard reports the number of messages sent, received, incoming, read, and failed to send. The report makes it easier to analyze the extent to which the message has successfully generated leads.

The benefits of utilizing WhatsApp marketing include the following:

  • Attracting more prospects to your WhatsApp business account.
  • Facilitating customer segmentation.
  • Maximizing communication and interaction with potential customers.
  • Making product marketing easier and more efficient.
  • Creating groups that simplify marketing efforts.
  • Increasing customer engagement.

One of the best ways to get WhatsApp marketing is by switching to WhatsApp Business API. Follow these steps:

Here are some ways to manage marketing using WhatsApp:

  • Provide a number for your WhatsApp business account
  • Focus on targeting your market
  • Maximize one-on-one chats
  • Label your chats for better tracking
  • Create quality content
  • Send periodic WhatsApp marketing promotional messages
  • Maximize WhatsApp features
  • Provide complete customer support
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