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How to Make a WhatsApp Chatbot in 5 Easy Steps!

Numerous businesses are turning to chatbot to help improve customer service and streamline communication in light of the growing popularity of messaging apps.

One of the most widely used messaging platforms, WhatsApp, has also adopted chatbot to help businesses communicate with customers in a more effective and efficient manner.

A WhatsApp chatbot is a computer program that uses the messaging app to instantly communicate with customers and provide them with information and assistance.

However, how to make a WhatsApp chatbot? Let’s find out below here!

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What is WhatsApp chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based automated system used to engage audiences and customers on WhatsApp.

This technology can carry out natural conversations to instantly communicate with customers and provide them with information and assistance.

These chatbots are able to comprehend and respond to customers’ inquiries and requests by utilizing natural language processing and machine learning.

As a result, their interactions with businesses are more convenient and personalized.

Why use WhatsApp Chatbots?

There are several reasons why businesses may choose to use WhatsApp chatbot.

First and foremost, chatbot allow companies to provide quicker and more efficient customer service.

Rather than waiting on hold for a customer service representative or sending an email and waiting for a response, customers can simply send a message to the chatbot and receive an immediate response. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce frustration.

In addition, WhatsApp chatbots can be used to automate routine tasks and processes, allowing workers to concentrate on more difficult and crucial tasks.

For example, a chatbot could be used to handle common customer inquiries, such as processing orders or providing information about products, allowing customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues.

The fact that WhatsApp chatbots can be accessed 24/7 means that customers can get assistance at any time of day or night. This can be especially beneficial for global businesses, as it allows them to provide support to customers across time zones.

How does a WhatsApp Chatbot work?

An infographic showing how the WhatsApp chatbot process works step by step.

A WhatsApp chatbot works by using natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to messages sent by customers.

When a customer sends a message to the chatbot, the message is analyzed and processed to determine its intent and meaning. The chatbot then selects an appropriate response from a pre-determined set of responses and sends it back to the customer.

In order to use a WhatsApp chatbot, a business must first integrate the chatbot with its WhatsApp account. This typically involves creating a bot and API from WhatsApp, which allows the chatbot to access and interact with the messaging platform.

Once the chatbot is integrated, it can be accessed by customers through the business’s WhatsApp account, allowing them to send and receive messages with the chatbot.

In addition to responding to customer inquiries, WhatsApp chatbots can also be used to send automated messages to customers. For example, a chatbot could be used by a company to send updates on an order’s status or reminders about upcoming appointments or promotions.

These automated messages can be personalized and triggered by specific events or actions, allowing businesses to stay in touch with their customers in a more personalized and engaging way.

What’s the Difference between Chatbot in WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp offers two different types of chatbots for businesses: the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API.

The WhatsApp Business app is a standalone app that allows small businesses to manage their presence on WhatsApp and communicate with customers. The app includes features such as auto-reply, customizable greeting messages, and the ability to send and receive messages with customers.

It is primarily aimed at small businesses that want to use WhatsApp as a communication channel, but do not have the resources or technical expertise to develop their own chatbot.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp Business API is a more advanced solution that allows businesses to integrate their own chatbot with the WhatsApp platform. This allows businesses to create more complex and sophisticated chatbots that can be customized to meet their specific needs.

The WhatsApp Business API is typically used by larger businesses or organizations that have the technical expertise and resources to develop and maintain their own chatbot.

Overall, the main difference between the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API is the level of customization and control that businesses have over their chatbot.

The WhatsApp Business app provides a simple and user-friendly solution for small businesses, while the WhatsApp Business API offers more advanced capabilities for larger businesses.

Chatbot on WhatsApp Business Chatbot on WhatsApp Business API
Purpose For small businesses wanting to use WhatsApp as a communication channel. For larger businesses with technical expertise and resources.
Level of customization Pre defined, automated messaging. Flexible and customizable messaging experiences.
Messaging options Limited to certain messages such as quick replies and automated responses. Offers more control over messaging experience including custom Chatbots, messaging templates, and integration with other business systems.
Business size and requirements Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with basic messaging needs. Designed for larger businesses that require more control and customization.
Technical expertise Doesn’t require technical expertise to use. Requires technical expertise to integrate and maintain a chatbot.

Before Setup Chatbot: Know WhatsApp Business Official First!

Chatbot conversation displays on WhatsApp Business Official with a profile equipped with green tick verification.

The WhatsApp Business API, also known as WhatsApp Business Official (OBA) is a Business account that has been officially verified, as a well-known and authentic brand with a business.

Official Business Accounts have a green tick badge on their profile and next to their header in chat threads.

Unlike the usual WhatsApp Business accounts, WhatsApp Business Official has Application Programming Interface (API) technology and various advanced features that can optimally support businesses, such as chatbots, rotators, CRM integration, and many more.

An Official WhatsApp Business account can only be obtained through an Official WhatsApp Partner or Business Solution Provider (BSP) in your country, such as Mekari Qontak.

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Is Your Business Eligible to Apply for WhatsApp Business Official?

There are conditions that must be adhered to when using the WhatsApp Official Business Account.

Before registering your business as an Official Business Account, you must ensure that your business has followed WhatsApp’s Commerce and Business Policies.

In addition, your business must be notable or represent a well-known company, have completed Business Verification, and have set up two-step verification.

How to Set up Chatbot WhatsApp?

5 Easy Steps to Set up and Integrate Chatbot WhatsApp

You may wonder how to use a chatbot on WhatsApp up to this point. You can create a WhatsApp chatbot by following these steps:

1. Use the WhatsApp Business Official account

Step 1 is to use the WhatsApp Business Official account, a separate app from regular WhatsApp. This app is designed specifically for businesses and offers features such as automated messages, labels, and quick replies.

Your business account must be registered as the WhatsApp API to use the WhatsApp chatbot. You can register your business to BSP or an official WhatsApp partner such as Mekari Qontak.

2. Verify your Facebook Business Manager account

Step 2 is to verify your Facebook Business Manager account. This is necessary because WhatsApp Business is integrated with Facebook, and verification is required to access certain features, such as the ability to send automated messages.

Before using the WhatsApp Business API, you should verify your Facebook Business Manager account. In this step, Meta will check the completeness of your business data.

Therefore, you need to prepare the following data:

  • Company name
  • Website URLs
  • Domain email
  • Business SIUP/NIB/NPWP

Usually, the Facebook business manager Verification process is confusing for some businesses. To make things easier for you, you can ask for the help of a Business Solution Provider (BSP) to verify.

3. Log in to the Qontak Chat Panel

Step 3 is to log in to the Qontak Chat Panel, a platform allowing businesses to manage their WhatsApp conversations from a single dashboard. This platform also offers features such as chatbots and analytics.

To start using Chatbot, you should log in to your account on the panel. You can do this by using the credentials provided by the Mekari Qontak Team beforehand.

4. Plan the flow of the conversation

Step 4 is to plan the flow of the conversation. This involves deciding on the types of messages that will be sent, the order in which they will be sent, and the triggers that will initiate them.

Before creating a conversation flow, you need to be sure the chatbot can answer all the questions that customers ask.

You have to think about how the chatbot will conduct conversations with customers.

Some of the following questions can be a guide for you.

  • What is the purpose of creating a chatbot? Is it to facilitate consultation and payment or customer service?
  • What type of conversation will you have with the customer?
  • How does the chatbot respond if it can’t answer customer questions?

But you don’t need to worry. The Mekari Qontak team will guide you in creating a chatbot conversation flow.

5. Submit the conversation flow

Step 5 is to submit the conversation flow. This involves submitting the planned conversation flow to WhatsApp for approval. Once the flow is approved, businesses can start using WhatsApp Business for their communication needs.

When finished, you can continue by submitting the conversation flow.

Make sure you do a test run first to find out if the chatbot is working precisely or not.

Fix any errors that still occur and try again. This testing will help you have quality chatbots that can improve the customer experience.

What are the advantages of using a WhatsApp chatbot?

  1. Improved customer service: By responding to customer inquiries immediately, WhatsApp chatbots enable businesses to provide faster and more effective customer service. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce frustration.
  2. Automation of routine tasks: WhatsApp chatbots can be used to automate routine tasks and processes, saving time for employees to focus on more complex and important tasks.
  3. 24/7 availability: WhatsApp chatbots can be accessed 24/7, providing customers with assistance at any time of the day or night.
  4. Personalization: WhatsApp chatbots can be customized to provide customers with a more individualized and engaging experience, fostering stronger relationships.
  5. Global reach: WhatsApp chatbots can be used to reach customers all over the world, making it a valuable tool for businesses that operate globally.

Overall, the use of WhatsApp chatbots can help businesses to improve their communication with customers, streamline their operations, and build stronger relationships with their audience.

How Much Does it Cost to Integrate Chatbot to WhatsApp?

The cost to integrate the WhatsApp Chatbot is zero or free. However, you will need to use the WhatsApp Business API in order to create a chatbot.

In other words, the only cost involved is the fee for accessing the WhatsApp Business API. You can find out more information about WhatsApp Business pricing here.

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