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Improve team performance

A complete project management software made to simplify all team work, and monitor their performance in real time

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Problems that are often experienced without Project Management Software


Unorganized project tasks

It is difficult to access the required data because it is not stored properly.


Weak coordination

It’s not easy to collaborate with other team members because you have to switch platforms


Difficult to monitor project

Unable to find progress on any projects that have been completed or unfinished, or are only half done.


Not integrated

Each project is not connected to each other so it is difficult to complete.

Automate repetitive workflow

Set up simple workflows and use project templates for repeatable steps to reduce your work in half.

Make it easy to work on various projects with an integrated system

Make it easy to work on various projects with an integrated system

  • Visualize business processes and modify them according to your project processes.
  • Arranging the division and schedule of project tasks fairly, so that there is no overlap.
  • Facilitate internal and external teams to collaboration for better. collaboration.
Unorganized project tasks

Unorganized project tasks

  • Difficult to know the flow of business processes.
  • Teams lack information about the tasks they need to complete.
  • Weak coordination between teams makes work slow.

Make your project easier

Monitor the entire project progress

Full details on team activities such as deal status, touchpoints, scheduled appointments and others task in one dashboard.

Ensure project management stays on track

  • Report dashboard showing team performance achievements in real time
  • Prioritize important tasks and set reminder notifications automatically.
  • Project standardization as a guide that must be followed by each team member in completing their tasks.
Ensure project management stays on track

Difficult to monitor project progress

  • Can't find out what the team has done.
  • Some tasks missed or failed to be completed on time.
  • Project work quality varies.
Difficult to monitor project progress

Track employee performance in real time!

One platform to manage many work

Integrate multiple projects in one platform which makes it easy to complete in less time

Integrate the project you are working on

Integrate the project you are working on

  • Make it easier for you to do tasks with tools that are connected to each other
  • Communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work becomes easier
  • Connect with many applications that support your project work.
Work in individual project applications

Work in individual project applications

  • Takes a long time to get the job done
  • Have to switch apps to complete one task
  • Communication is interrupted because you have to switch applications

Connect all your work in one Platform

What is project management software?

Project management software is a project management tool that manages projects and tasks. This tool can make the projects they handle more structured to achieve the goals within the allotted time.

Project management software is often also used to view or progress on a project that is being worked on by a business. Even not just ordinary projects, project management applications can also be used as a customer management software to connect with employees or customers.

Why is software project management Important?

Project management software is to make it easier for businesses to complete their projects better.

Poor project management processes waste 11% of company resources. Meanwhile, companies that do not implement project management have a 67% higher failure rate.

There are main benefits of project management software that you can get when used in your project or business, such as the following:

  • Facilitate internal and external collaboration
  • Better project management schedule management
  • Make it easier to delegate tasks
  • Build better communication with clients
  • Project management costs become more efficient
    leave and share data easily
  • Project management tools are easy to understand and learn
  • Support project management when working remotely
  • Project management software lets business to access KPI dashboard or KPI management to brings alignment to business performance goals
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