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Dian is a firm believer in the power of content marketing to aid and empower others. She is deeply motivated in producing high-quality, extensively researched content pieces relating to sales, marketing, and the enhancement of customer experiences.

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A Comprehensive Guide into Facebook’s Click-to-WhatsApp Ads
WhatsApp 9 min read

For direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, the cost of acquiring customers could… pelajari selengkapnya

BYDian Ratri05 Dec 2023
Revolutionizing Conversations, Recent Updates on Qontak NLP Chatbot
Product 5 min read

Customers today are all about self-service and independence in getting… pelajari selengkapnya

BYDian Ratri03 Nov 2023
Introducing Mekari Airene, The New Era of Customer Support
Chatbot, Product 9 min read

In the age of innovation, businesses have been driven to… pelajari selengkapnya

BYDian Ratri20 Oct 2023
WhatsApp WhatsApp Sales