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Effortlessly streamline customer interactions with WhatsApp Links, providing an easy way for
potential clients to initiate conversations instantly

3 easy steps to generate your WhatsApp Link

Step 1

Enter your WhatsApp number

Enter your WhatsApp Business number and fill in the email address.

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Step 2

Enter a welcome message

You can add a welcome message using the available templates or custom by your own.

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Step 3

Generate link

Finally, click on the ‘Generate Link’ button. Very easy!

Enhance your customer engagement with
WhatsApp Link Generator

Elevate customer engagement using the WhatsApp Link Generator, creating direct and convenient
channels for interaction and communication.

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Effortless communication

WhatsApp Link Generator enables seamless communication, allowing you to connect with your audience seamlessly.

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Real-time engagement

Experience real-time interactions that foster engagement, enabling you to connect with your customers when it matters most.

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Simplified lead generation

Simplify lead generation by enabling easy customer-initiated conversations, fostering valuable relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a WhatsApp Link?

A WhatsApp link is a clickable URL that allows users to start a chat with you directly on WhatsApp without needing to save your phone number. It simplifies communication by eliminating the need to search for and save contacts.

How does WhatsApp link work?

When someone clicks your WhatsApp Link, it opens their WhatsApp app and starts a chat with you. It’s a quick way for customers to reach out to your business.

However, businesses cannot use WhatsApp links in the same way to reach out to their customers quickly. To reach out to customers, businesses need to use the WhatsApp Business API obtained from the official WhatsApp BSP (Business Solution Provider).

You can calculate the estimated WhatsApp costs for your business using our WhatsApp calculator.

To add a WhatsApp Link to your Instagram profile, go to your bio and edit it.

You can include your WhatsApp Link as a contact option.

Yes, you can create WhatsApp Links for group chats. Share the group’s invite link using the same format as a personal WhatsApp Link.

WhatsApp Links don’t offer a lot of customization. Still, you can use link-shortening services or create a webpage with a custom link to make it look better.

Here the steps to generate your WhatsApp Link:

  1. Enter your number and fill in the email address.
  2. You can add message using the available templates or custom by your own.
  3. Finally, click on the ‘Generate Link’ button.
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