The best helpdesk ticketing system

Resolve customer inquiries quickly and efficiently with helpdesk ticketing system

The helpdesk ticketing system ensures efficient and streamlined customer support to enhance customer satisfaction and experience.

  • Automating the process of completing customer tickets
  • Streamlining the customer service process
  • Implementing an advanced agent routing system
  • Saving time on resolving customer inquiries
  • Consolidating all communication channels onto a single platform

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Business challenges without a helpdesk ticketing system


Slow responses

Overwhelmed agents struggle to keep up with customer inquiries.


Unorganized workflow

No real-time monitoring of customer service processes.


Uncustomizable system

Inflexible systems that can’t keep up with your business needs.


Expired tickets & opportunities

There is no rotting time feature, which helps indicate the ticket is too old at some stage.

Effortlessly manage orders with a helpdesk ticketing system

Elevate your business with Mekari Qontak's best-in-class helpdesk ticketing system

Complete all customer orders

Complete all customer orders

  • Customizable ticketing system stages to fit user requirements.
  • Efficient filtering system that displays tickets based on specific criteria and categories
  • The rotting time feature effectively indicates the ticket has been in for too long at a particular stage.
Orders and inquiries are often missed

Orders and inquiries are often missed

  • Representatives and teams cannot move stages in the ticketing system as required.
  • No filters help display tickets according to a particular category or criteria.
  • Many inquiries are missed because no rotting time feature reminds the team.

Automatically manage tickets

Helpdesk ticketing system serve customers more easily

Complete all customer inquiries and orders easily and quickly using Qontak's omnichannel integration

Effectively workflow by helpdesk ticketing system

  • Integrate multiple conversational channels in one innovative mobile application dashboard.
  • End a conversation session easily using the 'Resolve' button feature.
  • Manage all conversations in one Qontak omnichannel chat dashboard.
Effectively workflow by helpdesk ticketing system

Ineffective workflow

  • Lack of centralization leading to difficulty in keeping track of all communication channels.
  • Ineffective tracking and ensuring completion of customer conversations across platforms.
  • Hassle-switching apps to finish the conversation on various channels.
Ineffective workflow

Switch to advanced ticketing software

Efficient customer database management with helpdesk ticketing system

Streamline your customer service with an advanced ticketing system integrated in one place

Accelerate business with ticketing system

Accelerate business with ticketing system

  • Revolutionize the way you monitor customer activities with a comprehensive timeline history.
  • Capture all customer interactions, including notes, tasks, tickets, phone calls, emails, and related materials.
  • Stay on top of customer service performance with an SLA policy that tracks violations in real-time.
Incomplete customer information

Incomplete customer information

  • Simplify the process of monitoring customer activities with a comprehensive timeline history system.
  • Manually repeating customer activities leads to inefficiency in handling customer interactions.
  • No SLA policy serves as monitoring and reporting regarding potential violations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a ticketing system?

A ticketing system is a program that can help companies to accommodate, manage, and track customer requests. Customers often give questions or complaints to the company by telephone or message. With the ticketing software, customers’ messages from various platforms, such as WhatsApp, Phone, Chatbot, E-mail, and so on, will turn into a customer ticket.

With only one platform, this ticketing system makes it easy for customer service to prioritize messages, then track and follow up on customer requests. Communication between the customer support team and customers to handle complaints can be better resolved with an online helpdesk in the ticketing application. This application is integrated with a trusted CRM or customer relationship management system.

Why is a helpdesk ticketing system important for a business?

A ticketing system can help sales, marketing, or customer support teams prioritize, track, and follow up on customer requests on a single platform.

In addition, the ticketing system also allows the customer support team to communicate more precisely and efficiently with customers and handle complaints. This system is usually integrated into a sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Here are the benefits that businesses can get by using a ticketing system:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and simplify employee tasks
  • Provide effective solutions to customer problems
  • Help prioritize urgent tickets
  • Speed up workflow and increase team productivity
  • Help monitor the business in case of violations, especially for high-priority cases
  • Increase customer retention rates
  • Offer a self-service system to customers
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