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Transform business dynamics with CRM software: seamless operations, personalized engagement, and strategic foresight.

  • Efficient tracking and nurturing of customers for higher conversion rates
  • Custom workflows that align with your unique business requirements
  • Measure your sales and marketing efforts with a customizable dashboard
  • Omnichannel integration for seamless customer experience

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Quickly spot opportunities for revenue growth

Empower your sales team to be able to attain a comprehensive insight into their sales accomplishments, allowing speedier and more informed decision-making

  • Robust sales forecasting feature to drive strategic decision-making for sustainable growth
  • Deals management functionality allows seamless tracking, progression, and successful closure of deals
  • Effortlessly organize and maintain your customer interactions with comprehensive contact management
  • Personalize your workflow, ensuring it aligns with your business operations for seamless productivity
The Best CRM Software for Sales
Customer Service

Retain clients, conquer turnover

Efficiently review historical client interactions, track account status, and handle client projects with a CRM designed for cultivating enduring relationships

  • Effectively track and manage your team’s tasks and activities, ensuring no opportunity is missed
  • Craft an interactive overview of your business performance with a customizable dashboard
  • Effortlessly organize and maintain your customer interactions with comprehensive contact management
  • Design, implement, and refine processes to suit your business’s exact requirements with custom workflows
The Best CRM Software for Customer Service

Gain deep customer insights, enabling targeted campaigns

Empower your marketing team with CRM software, facilitating streamlined communication, improved lead nurturing, and seamless collaboration

  • Efficiently capture, track, and nurture leads, ensuring no opportunity is missed
  • Divide customer base into targeted segments, allowing tailored messaging and improved engagement
  • Send personalized and timely emails to nurture leads, maintain customer relationships
  • Tailor your CRM experience to match your unique processes, enhancing efficiency and alignment
The Best CRM Software for marketing
IT & Ops

Boost efficiency, enabling higher productivity

Utilize a unified platform to help increase all teams’ productivity. Integrate favorite tools into your workflows—ensuring better productivity

  • Integrate with any data source to draw on holistic customer profiles for personalized service in the sales & CS team
  • Centralize all sources of data for a single source of truth for all business stakeholders
  • Maintain all customer interactions within one platform from all channels for seamless collaboration
  • Adapt our CRM software to your specific needs using the workflow, optimizing processes and boosting collaboration
The Best CRM Software for IT and Operational

Mekari Qontak CRM software to boost your revenue growth instantly

Enable end-to-end experience from marketing, sales, and support with CRM software by designing and deploying different use cases through a unified platform

Stay on top of your sales pipeline

  • Ensuring every interaction is logged for informed decision-making
  • Effortlessly monitor the progress of sales leads, deals, and opportunities
  • Enhance sales accountability and performance with GPS sales tracking
Sales Tracking Feature on Qontak's CRM Software

Streamlining communication for enhanced engagement

  • Easily access, update, and maintain customer information, fostering personalized interactions
  • Optimize customer engagement and response time, facilitating efficient communication
  • Stay organized and nurture relationships, facilitating easy access to key client information
Contact Management Feature on Qontak's CRM Software

Navigate your sales journey seamlessly

  • Track progress, manage opportunities, and forecast accurately
  • Empower your sales team to close deals effectively, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks
  • Optimize allocation and boost sales efficiency, providing a clear overview of deal progression
Deals Pipeline Feature on Qontak's CRM Software

Stay informed and focused on what matters

  • Tailor insights to your business needs, visualizing data that matters most to you
  • Present real-time analytics and KPIs in a format that suits your preferences
  • Empower data-driven decision-making, configure data visualization to your liking
Custom Reports Feature on Qontak's CRM Software

Enhance customer experiences across all channels

  • Seamlessly connect interactions, providing a holistic view for enhanced engagement
  • Streamline communication, enabling a consistent experience across various touchpoints
  • Empower your team to provide personalized and cohesive interactions
Omnichannel Feature on Qontak's CRM Software

Learn how CRM software solves modern day problems in your business

No more data silos, enhanced collaboration

Addresses data silos by centralizing customer information, fostering seamless collaboration and eliminating duplicate efforts

Smart decisions: CRM analytics cuts guesswork

Eliminate guesswork with our CRM’s data analytics, helping businesses make informed decisions by providing actionable insights

Resolve issues, strengthen bonds

Tackle customer dissatisfaction with our CRM’s customer service capabilities, providing better issue resolution and fostering improved relationships

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a CRM for business do?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a tool that helps businesses manage and improve their relationships with customers.

It collects, stores, manages, and analyzes customer information, tracks customer interactions and sales processes, and automates parts of the sales process.

It’s used to understand and manage your relationships with prospects, leads, and customers so you can grow revenue more efficiently.

How a CRM works?

A CRM works by gathering and storing data related to customers. This includes contact information, sales history, service records, and more. After collecting and analyzing this data, the CRM system provides insights about customers, automates crucial business processes, and builds better customer relationships.

It also allows tracking every interaction with the company and collects information about the customer.

The benefits of a CRM system include:

  • Centralizing Customer Data: It puts all your customers’ information in one place where all stakeholders can see it.
  • Managing Communication: All communication, both internal (rep to rep) and external (rep to prospect), can be ordered through a CRM.
  • Automating Data Entry: Your team can automate data entry tasks with a CRM.
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction: A properly deployed CRM system is a handy tool that tracks and manages all interactions and communication your reps have with prospects and customers.

The purpose of implementing a CRM software are:

  • RM system can track the sales team and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Improve contact or database management
  • Can increase customer retention
  • Get customer satisfaction CRM software can also help improve sales management
  • Improved sales management by sales CRM software will help increase your sales in the long term
  • Creating work efficiency
  • Creating good team collaboration through WhatsApp API integration
  • Get accurate reports and business analysis in real time

Various departments and roles use CRM software within a business, including sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, and more. It provides a better way to manage external interactions and relationships that drive success.

It enables these teams to store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, manage marketing campaigns, and make information about customer interactions available to relevant personnel.

When choosing a CRM tool for your business, consider the following:

  • Identify Your Needs: Understand your business needs and consider your daily activities and sales processes.
  • Check CRM Features and Tools: CRM software should include contact management, marketing automation, and lead tracking for monitoring marketing campaigns and sales activities.
  • Request Demos: Request demos from various CRM vendors and have a list of questions ready. Take advantage of free trials and survey your team on their experiences.
  • Review Customer Support Options: Contact each CRM provider to test responsiveness.

To get created with CRM software, you can follow these steps:

  1. Research and choose a CRM software that suits your business needs. One of the best is Qontak’s CRM Software.
  2. Sign up for a trial period or subscription.
  3. Import your existing customer data into the CRM system.
  4. Customize the CRM to match your workflow and processes.
  5. Train your team on how to use the CRM effectively.
  6. Start using by beginning managing interactions and data.

You can try Qontak’s CRM and sales and marketing automation software for a 14-day free trial. Get started here.

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