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Unlock chat power & convert your followers into sales with Instagram Messaging API

Elevate support and engagement through Instagram Messaging API. Direct, efficient, and dynamic conversations

  • 24/7 AI-driven customer service to answer all customers queries any time
  • Increase customer experience with personalize Instagram DMs
  • Seamless support with access from unlimited devices and multiple agents
  • Automated support with auto-assign inquiries to specific agents

Mekari Qontak Instagram Messaging API solutions to meet all of your customer engagement needs

Enable end-to-end conversational marketing, sales, and support experiences on Instagram by designing and deploying use cases through a unified platform

Accurately measure the return on investment (ROI)

  • Enabling data-driven decisions for continuous improvement
  • Provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions across all channels
  • Identify pain points and enhance the overall customer experience
Tracking & Analytics

Comprehensive workflows for efficient issue resolution

  • Allows smooth escalation of complex issues to specialized agents
  • Handle customer inquiries and issues efficiently, reducing response times
  • Create automation for customers inquiries directing them to specific agents
Comprehensive workflows for efficient issue resolution Instagram API

Increase customer satisfaction and experience with personalization

  • Allows engaging customer experience tailored to their needs
  • Gain feedback of each interaction for better evaluation and allocation
  • Create automated and personalized replies for customers inquiries 24/7
Personalized Replies

Ensuring customers data is synchronized across all channels in real-time

  • Enabling quicker issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction
  • Access customer history and preferences, ensuring personalized and consistent interactions
  • Centralizes customer data, providing a complete view of interactions across channels
CRM Integration

Learn how Instagram Messaging API solves modern day problems in your business

Leads to revenue growth by harnessing the potential of Instagram

Create outstanding experiences on your Instagram, influencing sales via the strategic placement of your brand’s products

Amplify responsiveness and elevate the quality of customer interactions

Businesses can utilize the Instagram Messenger API to consolidate incoming messages from posts, stories, mentions, and direct messages into one control center

Cultivate confidence among customers and enhance their overall experience

Addressing customer inquiries promptly nurtures personalized rapport and bolsters lasting confidence

Trusted by 35,000+ business worldwide of all sizes

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Jay Arief RahmanDigital Marketing Manager - IALF


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“Qontak chatbot really helps our team in answering common questions, it can reduce our fatigue in answering questions outside of operating hours. So that our service is always on 24/7.”


PritaHead of Talent Search Admisison - UGM


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Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder - Selleri


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I send messages with the Instagram API?

Yes, you can send messages using the Instagram API! The Messenger API for Instagram lets businesses chat with their customers through their preferred messaging app. By integrating with existing tools and data such as CRM and Omnichannel, Instagram’s Messenger API helps brands easily manage high volumes of customer messages.

On the other hand, this flexible integration with omnichannel can serve customers to move seamlessly between channels such as WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, Telegram, Line, Email, and others.

What is the best Instagram API messenger platform?

1. Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak is one of Instagram’s official partners that can help your online store get the Instagram messaging API. Mekari Qontak allows you to get various Instagram tools that will be very useful for your Instagram shop.

Main Features: multiple agents or multiple users, multichannel chat system; CRM sales & customer service, comprehensive reports & analysis, chatbot system & conversation flow, advanced agent routing system; etc.

Developer: PT Qontak Tumbuh Makmur


Download Link: Android | iOS

2. BingBangram

BingBangram is a tool used to automate Instagram activity. It offers many services, one of which is automatic Instagram DMs.

Main features: 100 free DM Templates, Free sales script, and Flexible Distribution List.

Developer: BingBaram


3. Stim Social

Stim Social is an application to get Instagram followers that also works on the TikTok application.

Main feature: Reports and analysis for users, Insights about customers, and IG bot to automate messages via DM.

Developer: Sunny Florida Boat Company LCC


4. Insta-Stories uses the Instagram API to pull Stories from public Instagram accounts. You can browse anonymously without needing to sign in.

Main features: share photos and videos that disappear from your profile, feed and messages after 24 hours, and story highlights.

Developer: Insta-Stories


5. Ingramer

Ingramer lets you fully manage your Instagram account, even via PC and Mac! Ingramer implements artificial intelligence technology applied to IG bots.

Main features: audience segmentation; text, photo, and video formats available; DM for all new followers; custom lists for precise targeting; a welcome message; and instant reply.

Developer: Inflact


The Messenger API for Instagram acts like a bridge between your business and Instagram’s messaging system.

When a user sends a message to your Instagram Professional account, the message goes to your Instagram inbox and simultaneously sends a webhook notification to your business’s server.

Your server can then respond within 24 hours. You can add a tag to extend the conversation if more time is needed.

This way, your business can manage high volumes of customer messages and turn them into positive outcomes, making it easier to handle customer inquiries and engage with your audience.

Instagram has rate limits on its APIs to prevent overuse and ensure fair access. The rate limits depend on the type of token used for requests, such as application or user access tokens.

For example, Graph API requests using an application access token are limited based on the number of unique daily active users. User access tokens are subject to a rolling one-hour window for call counts. If you exceed these limits, your requests will be throttled or fail until you are within the limit again.

The Instagram API offers benefits like:

  1. Media management
  2. Interaction with users
  3. Insights into performance
  4. Automation for improved customer service
  5. Real-time updates through webhooks
  6. Integration capabilities
  7. Efficient customer support using the Messenger API for Instagram.

These benefits enhance your social media presence and streamline your operations.

To access the Instagram Graph API, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Register your application with Facebook and set up an Instagram Business or Creator Account.
  2. Use the OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate your application and obtain an access token.
  3. Make HTTP requests to the API using your access token to interact with Instagram data.
  4. Handle responses and errors in your application code.
  5. Be aware of rate limits and design your app to stay within those limits.

Certainly! The Instagram API is free to use when you become a developer with Facebook for Developers. Still, you need to follow their rules and guidelines. It’s free with some responsibility.

Alternatively, you can go for a simpler option: using the Instagram API from an official partner. Some partners offer different packages with fees that suit your business needs. For example, Mekari Qontak provides Instagram API packages starting at just US$55 per month.

Learn about Instagram API fees here.

You bet you can! If you’re already using an older version of the Instagram API, you can level up to the latest version.

You can upgrade to Instagram API by following these steps:

  1. Connect Instagram with the company’s internal applications, such as omnichannel with API integration, to get complete and comprehensive information.
  2. Streamline the Workflow with automation systems such as ‘quick reply’ and distribute DM messages fairly to the agents on duty.
  3. Improve customer experience through a personalized approach in every message sent, and reply to DM messages.
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