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Raiz Invest Maintains Customer Trust with CRM and WhatsApp API

Learn how Raiz Invest improves customer service and educates about investments using CRM and WhatsApp API features.



Raiz Invest used email, phone calls, and social media DMs for customer care, but the system was disorganized. A more effective and trustworthy customer service system was needed for their financial application.



With a single WhatsApp API number, Raiz Invest serves customers through one channel and generates data for automated reporting. This improves customer service and builds trust by continuously enhancing performance.

  • CompanyPT. Raiz Invest Indonesia
  • LocationJakarta
  • IndustryFinance & Investation
  • Company Size Big Enterprise
  • Key features used CRM , WhatsApp

Faster Response Time

300.000 +

Satisfied Customers

Raiz Invest Maintains Customer Trust with CRM and WhatsApp API

About Raiz Invest

PT Raiz Invest Indonesia, a subsidiary of Raiz Invest Australia Limited, is a registered financial application licensed and supervised by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) since 2018. Over 1 million users in Indonesia have downloaded the Raiz app.

Raiz aims to provide inclusive financial education, especially for novice customers with limited investment knowledge. They use WhatsApp and a dedicated CRM system for communication and customer service regarding investments in the Raiz app.

How Raiz Invest Uses Qontak

Angela, the Business and Finance Manager, explains that Raiz Invest uses Qontak to access the integrated WhatsApp API and CRM system. This allows tracking of all agent-customer conversations and monthly reporting queries.

When the Raiz app launched in Indonesia, they used various communication channels for customer inquiries, but it was ineffective. So, they switched to Qontak in November 2020, making it more comprehensive for enhancing customer service.

We initially subscribed to Qontak for its WhatsApp and CRM features and later added WhatsApp Broadcast and Chatbot features.”

Angela Vanesia HalimBusiness and Finance Manager

Angela states that the Qontak features improved the customer service system, facilitating the management and supervision of the team and enhancing customer relationships.


Limited Tools to Handle Customer Inquiries

In the early stages, Raiz Invest used email, phone calls, Instagram DMs, Twitter, and Facebook for customer inquiries. This created unfocused communication channels. They needed a single channel and tools to speed up response times and optimize the workflow of the customer service team.


Professional Yet Personalized Customer Service

Through a centralized hotline number, the Call Center application with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature automatically connects customers to available agents. This improves focus and performance.

Raiz Invest uses an official WhatsApp API number as the central customer service hub. Qontak’s Call Center application includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features, helping customers resolve issues without connecting to a team. This streamlines response times and ensures customer satisfaction.

Easier Monitoring and Evaluation of Customer Service Team Performance

With the WhatsApp API feature, Raiz Invest centralizes customer communication, allowing up to three agents to handle inquiries through a single dashboard.

They receive customer questions and complaints through one official WhatsApp. The verified green tick on WhatsApp instills confidence in existing customers and makes customer service reliable for potential investors.

WhatsApp’s direct chat enables personalized communication for financial and investment inquiries.

With WhatsApp, we can focus on customers because they can directly converse with our customer service team. WhatsApp makes communication easier and more personal.”

Angela Vanesia HalimBusiness and Finance Manager

Handling Customers with Responsive Chatbots

With the Chatbot feature activated, customers no longer need to wait for a human agent. Raiz Invest can automatically send conversation options, reducing response times. The Chatbot enhances the customer experience and perception of Raiz Invest. The assign agent feature simplifies the workflow for the team, ensuring all queries are addressed.

Tracking Query Data and Customer Service Performance

To continually improve the team’s performance, Raiz Invest integrated its customer service system with the Qontak CRM system. All data, like response times and query volumes, can be easily tracked and recorded in a single reporting dashboard.

The Reporting feature of the WhatsApp API streamlines supervision, resulting in improved customer service performance and satisfaction.

For example, when potential customers want to invest but are confused and have questions. Suppose the information is unclear, and the customer service response is poor. In that case, it can lead the customer to reconsider investing or trusting the platform.”

Angela Vanesia HalimBusiness and Finance Manager


Delivering Customer Care that Builds Trust

Qontak’s WhatsApp API features help the team handle inquiries through a single channel. Customers find contacting them through one official number with a verified green tick practical and professional. The Chatbot demonstrates efforts to ensure customer satisfaction and a smooth investment experience.

CRM WhatsApp Reporting feature streamlines management and processes, ensuring excellent service. As a result, the team received no service complaints, indicating customer satisfaction.

At Raiz, I always emphasize that regardless of the invested amount, whether IDR 10,000 or IDR 10,000,000, they are Raiz customers who should always receive the best service from Raiz. It’s about customer trust, especially since the Raiz app deals with money, which is quite sensitive.”

Angela Vanesia HalimBusiness and Finance Manager
The CRM Reporting system can store monthly query reports, help program the WhatsApp API Chatbot’s response options, and optimize the service system for investment education in Live Instagram sessions.

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