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Prasetiya Mulya: Efficient Communication with Chatbot and Broadcast

Learn how Prasetiya Mulya improves communication and delivers important information effectively.



Handling hundreds of partner inquiries manually is time-consuming. Sending important information via SMS is ineffective as it’s often unread.



Using Chatbot and Broadcast features to speed up communication and increase partner engagement, achieving an 80% response rate.

  • CompanyPrasetiya Mulya
  • LocationTangerang, Jakarta
  • IndustryEducation
  • Company Size Medium
  • Key features used Business , Chatbot

Faster resolution of inquiries


Accelerated registration process


Increased registration completeness

Prasetiya Mulya: Efficient Communication with Chatbot and Broadcast

About Prasetiya Mulya

Established in 1982, Prasetiya Mulya University is a leading business school in Indonesia with two campuses. It aims to excel in entrepreneurship, professionalism, and business research.

Why Prasetiya Mulya chose to use Qontak

Before Qontak, Prasetiya Mulya communicated with parents and students through email and WhatsApp. With growing communication needs, they sought a more effective solution.

Based on the workload and the number of employees, we saw the need, so we tried to find a more effective solution. After discussing the features and negotiating the price, we used Qontak.”

Foto Quotes Prasetiya Mulya
Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager

Since mid-2022, Prasetiya Mulya has been using the Chatbot and Broadcast features of Qontak to streamline communication and reduce repetitive work.


Growing chat volume is hard to handle with limited staff

Responding to individual chats is time-consuming

Parents and students contacted Prasetiya Mulya via WhatsApp and email. Each inquiry took at least 10 minutes, considering smooth conversations. The admissions staff needed help answering calls with daily inquiries while managing other tasks.

We spent time answering questions already on the website

Most questions were general and answered on the Prasetiya Mulya website. Lacking a system to address these questions led to wasted time and effort.

Many questions have answers on the website, but parents are happy to get answers directly from the staff. From our point of view, quite a lot of time was wasted, especially since the function of admission is not just to answer questions.”

Foto Quotes Prasetiya Mulya
Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager

Students and parents rarely open SMS and email broadcasts

During the application deadline, many students hadn’t completed their documents. To remind them, SMS and email reminders were sent.

We couldn’t manually send WhatsApp blasts because we had to send them to thousands of students. So, we used SMS, which sometimes was read and sometimes not, especially for high school students.”

Foto Quotes Prasetiya Mulya
Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager

SMS and email reminders proved ineffective, as some students missed them.


Implementing Chatbot and Broadcast features from Qontak

Utilizing Chatbot to reduce the workload

Prasetiya Mulya’s website homepage has a Qontak Chatbot, offering quick online responses. With a single click, users chat with the Chatbot on WhatsApp.

Chatbot filters questions needing human answers

Common questions are handled by the Chatbot, leaving important and complex inquiries for the admissions staff. Repetitive questions were reduced significantly, allowing the team to focus on strategic tasks.

Broadcast feature for effective reminders

Reminders are quickly sent via WhatsApp through Qontak, improving information readability and response rates. Parents and students prefer receiving reminders through WhatsApp.


Fast communication and effective information delivery

100% increase in communication efficiency

With Qontak Chatbot, over 80% of repetitive questions are now answered by the system, saving time and effort. The admissions team intervenes only for important inquiries.

Before, it could take 10 minutes to handle a single inquiry. It’s done in 5 minutes because they only ask questions the Chatbot can’t answer.”

Foto Quotes Prasetiya Mulya
Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager

80% increase in registration completeness

More students completed their registration with Qontak’s Broadcast feature—the number of students missing reminders was reduced by half.

You can see the change; now, more people are responsive. Previously, 10 out of 500 might arrive without completing the registration. Now, it has decreased by half.”

Foto Quotes Prasetiya Mulya
Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager

Qontak as a CRM solution supporting business operations

As partners increased, so did inquiries. Without an expedited process, teams spend time on repetitive tasks.

Now it’s easier to get user responses, and we can automatically support their needs faster. Disseminating crucial information is also quicker.”

Foto Quotes Prasetiya Mulya
Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager

With Chatbot and Broadcast features from Qontak, Prasetiya Mulya efficiently manages partner inquiries. Want to improve response rates like Prasetiya Mulya? Learn more about Qontak here.

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