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How Pasarnow Enhances Sales and Customer Satisfaction through CRM

Learn how Pasarnow improves customer service and sales by integrating social media channels using the advanced features of Omnichannel CRM Qontak.



There is a need for a ready hotline to handle a significant number of customer complaints, and personalized marketing initiatives are necessary to retain customers and encourage them to use the application again.



With a centralized customer service solution accessible anytime and anywhere, the Customer Service team becomes more responsive. WhatsApp Blast also assists in sending mass promotional messages to customers.

  • CompanyPasarnow
  • LocationJakarta
  • IndustryE-grocery
  • Company Size Small,Small Enterprise
  • Key features used Omnichannel

Increase in active users


Increase in customer satisfaction index

How Pasarnow Enhances Sales and Customer Satisfaction through CRM

About Pasarnow

Established in March 2021 during the pandemic, Pasarnow aims to help farmers generate additional income by connecting them directly to end users, including households, MSMEs, companies, and HORECA. Pasarnow is a supply chain company that links farmers and suppliers with B2B & B2C customers.

Pasarnow also provides a B2C customer app through which customers can order available products, which couriers deliver directly to their homes based on the designated areas.

How Pasarnow Uses Qontak

Cindy, the Chief Marketing Officer at Pasarnow, uses Qontak to support customer service at Pasarnow. Qontak greatly assists them in handling customer inquiries regarding deliveries, damaged goods, and purchasing processes. Furthermore, Qontak helps household customers place direct orders through WhatsApp.

Many providers came to offer Omnichannel CRM access, but Cindy believes Qontak is the best choice. Qontak integrates with Pasarnow’s communication channels, including IG, FB, and WhatsApp. Conversations can be easily monitored and managed by the customer service team through a single dashboard, and the green checkmark provided by Pasarnow increases customer trust.


Increasing customer information demands

Pasarnow sells products that are susceptible to damage during the delivery or storage process. Thus, a hotline is required to handle customer complaints regarding such issues. Initially, Pasarnow had only one employee to handle customer complaints and inquiries. As the number of customers increased, more inquiries could not be handled by just a few customer service representatives. Additionally, many customers wanted to place orders directly through WhatsApp.


Centralized and Flexibly Accessible Customer Service

The Omnichannel feature supports customer service in handling inquiries from various channels.

Qontak provides Pasarnow access to a single official WhatsApp number as the central hub for handling complaints and inquiries. Additionally, due to social media integration, Qontak facilitates the customer service team in responding to inquiries from partners through channels other than WhatsApp, such as Facebook and Instagram.

More complaints are resolved, and our sales have increased because many users, especially housewives, order our products through WhatsApp.”

Cindy OzzieCo-Founder Pasarnow

Easier execution of marketing campaigns through WhatsApp Blast and campaign reports menu

In addition to customer service, Qontak assists Pasarnow in marketing activities. Pasarnow’s marketing efforts include social media ads, events, and promotions sent to customers. With the WhatsApp Blast feature, which enables the unlimited mass mailing of messages, Pasarnow’s marketing team finds it easier to deliver promotional messages through WhatsApp. Furthermore, the reporting feature allows the marketing team to evaluate their campaigns.

We greatly benefit from it. We can send promotional messages to less active users on our app, encouraging them to become active again for purchases.”

Cindy OzzieCo-Founder Pasarnow


Providing more responsive customer service

Customer service improves through faster response times in serving customers. According to Cindy, their customers are delighted with the prompt solutions provided to their issues. Pasarnow’s Customer Satisfaction Index has remained stable since implementing Qontak.

CMany customers find our service experience highly satisfying.”

Cindy OzzieCo-Founder Pasarnow

Increasing the number of active users through easier promotional messaging

With the ability to quickly and limitlessly send blast messages, Pasarnow finds it easier to encourage users to utilize their app for purchases. This action resulted in a 10% increase in active users compared to before.

A 10% increase in active users within the Pasarnow app after conducting educational campaigns through WhatsApp and other channels.”

Cindy OzzieCo-Founder Pasarnow

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