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Improving the Effectiveness of the New Student Enrollment System at Maranatha University

Learn how Maranatha University increases monthly student intake by accelerating information delivery through Omnichannel.



The high number of questions from students and prospective students overwhelms the customer support team, resulting in prolonged response times.



With the implementation of omnichannel features and a chatbot, the customer support team’s workload is reduced, allowing them to focus on answering more specific questions.

  • CompanyUniversitas Maranatha
  • LocationBandung
  • IndustryEducation
  • Company Size Big
  • Key features used Omnichannel

Increase in customer satisfaction


Faster response time

Improving the Effectiveness of the New Student Enrollment System at Maranatha University

About Maranatha University

Maranatha University was established in 1965 in Bandung and initially had the Faculty of Medicine. Over the years, it has grown to have nine faculties, including Engineering, Psychology, Business, and Literature. The university has around 1,000 staff members, including lecturers and administrative personnel, located in Bandung.

Every year, Maranatha University accepts approximately 1,500 to 1,800 new students. According to Edwin Handoko, the Head of Talent Search and Admissions, this high intake poses challenges due to a lack of human resources to handle the registration process for prospective students.

How Maranatha University Uses Qontak

As the Head of Talent Search and Admissions, Edwin mentioned that Maranatha University initially needed a dedicated marketing division. However, in 2016, due to a decline in student intake, they established a special division to handle marketing activities. In 2018, the university intensified its marketing efforts, starting with rebranding on social media to target its audience better. They also created a WhatsApp account as a helpdesk for prospective students, current students, and alums.

Maranatha University started using Qontak in 2020. Edwin realized that many questions were left unanswered because WhatsApp could only be handled by a single admin. Qontak provided a solution for Maranatha University to manage multiple admins to answer student inquiries.

The increasing need for information and having only one person to handle it was very challenging. At that time, when we saw Qontak offering a different system, we wanted to try it.”

Edwin HandokoHead of Talent Search and Admissions

Previously, Maranatha University used services from other third-party providers to address this issue. However, they sought an alternative solution due to limitations, especially in managing multiple admins. According to Edwin, Qontak was the best choice. It seamlessly integrates with all their communication channels, allowing conversations to be easily monitored and managed by the customer support team through a single dashboard. The green checkmark feature also increased partner trust in Maranatha University’s phone number.


The high number of questions overwhelms the customer service team

Initially, Maranatha University had only one employee to handle complaints and inquiries from students and prospective students. Over time, as the number of complaints increased, students reported delays of up to 2 days in response time. This resulted in customer dissatisfaction, particularly regarding the lengthy process of providing information for new student registrations.


A centralized and accessible customer support service

Omnichannel features support the university’s student service center handle inquiries from multiple channels.

Qontak provides Maranatha University access to a single official WhatsApp number as an information hub. Additionally, due to social media integration, Qontak facilitates the customer support team in answering questions from students via WhatsApp and other social media channels.

With Qontak, we can quickly provide information for incoming questions, especially during this pandemic.”

Edwin HandokoHead of Talent Search and Admissions

Maranatha University also benefits from the agent assignment feature, which helps them efficiently allocate customer support agents to conversations. Furthermore, Qontak’s mobile device accessibility enables the team to answer inquiries anywhere and anytime.

It greatly helps us. Especially during peak times, we can respond to questions after office hours from home.”

Edwin HandokoHead of Talent Search and Admissions

According to Edwin, during peak times or after the SBMPTN exams, new student questions can reach up to 150-200 conversations per day, handled by ten agents from the central admissions office at Maranatha University.

Monitoring the performance of the customer support team in handling student inquiries and new applicants

According to Edwin, Maranatha University’s customer support team currently handles approximately 50 questions per day, which can reach up to 200 per day during peak times. To maintain conversation quality, they need tools to monitor their agents’ performance, ensuring that customer support KPIs are met. One crucial KPI is response time. Edwin can set standards for the customer support team to respond to student inquiries by tracking KPIs. With Qontak, Maranatha University can monitor the performance of its customer support team using the reporting dashboard feature. This makes it easier to monitor reports in real-time, enabling prompt actions for agents whose performance does not meet KPIs.

Now, we can track our agents quickly. I can see how long it takes for my team members to respond to messages. If someone takes too long, we can take immediate action.”

Edwin HandokoHead of Talent Search and Admissions

Reducing the workload of agents in answering repetitive questions

According to Edwin, one of the team’s challenges is handling the same questions repeatedly or frequently asked questions (FAQs). This burdened the agents as they had to answer the same things often. The Chatbot feature of Qontak helps Maranatha University by answering common questions about applicants and other information. This allows their agents to focus on answering more specific questions and achieve faster response times.

This chatbot dramatically helps our team answer common questions, reducing our response exhaustion.”

Edwin HandokoHead of Talent Search and Admissions


Delivering a more effective and responsive student information and enrollment center

Customer support improves through significantly faster response times to student and prospective inquiries.

Maranatha University easily accesses and monitors the performance of its customer support agents using the agent report feature from Qontak. This enables quick and practical evaluation. Additionally, having access to WhatsApp accounts with multiple admins allows the team to distribute tasks more efficiently than before when only one admin handled everything. With these solutions, Maranatha University has achieved a 10x response speed increase compared to Qontak.

We can directly monitor our agents in responding to customer inquiries. It becomes clear who is below the KPI. We can take further action.”

Edwin HandokoHead of Talent Search and Admissions

Increasing the monthly student intake by providing information faster

With the highly responsive customer support provided by Qontak Omnichannel, Maranatha University can easily and quickly deliver information to prospective students. This action has resulted in a 5% increase in monthly student intake compared to previous years.

A 5% increase in new student intake per month compared to previous years.”

Edwin HandokoHead of Talent Search and Admissions

Improved customer satisfaction compared to before

Previously, there were many complaints from students and new applicants about the quality of the customer support team’s service, which was unsatisfactory. After implementing Qontak Omnichannel, according to their survey conducted in 2021, customer satisfaction has doubled compared to the previous year.

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