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Enhancing Online Student Registration (PPDB) in GIS Jakarta with WhatsApp API Automation

Learn how GIS Jakarta improves customer service effectively with advanced features from WhatsApp API.



Customer service through email and WhatsApp Business is decentralized and ineffective due to message delivery limitations and unmeasurable customer service quality.



With a single WhatsApp API number, GIS Jakarta centrally handles customer interactions. It generates data for automated reporting, ensuring measurable customer satisfaction and continuous service improvement.

  • CompanyGlobal Islamic School (GIS) Jakarta
  • LocationJakarta
  • IndustryEducation
  • Company Size Medium
  • Key features used Omnichannel

Faster response time


Increase in customer satisfaction

Enhancing Online Student Registration (PPDB) in GIS Jakarta with WhatsApp API Automation

About GIS Jakarta

Global Islamic School (GIS) is a public school under the Yayasan Bumenjaya Widya Husada that implements a national-plus (bilingual) curriculum with an Islamic foundation. The school was established in 2002 and operated in three major cities in Indonesia: GIS Jakarta as the main institution and first branch, GIS 2 Serpong (Tangerang Selatan), and GIS 3 Yogyakarta.

GIS Jakarta relies on the WhatsApp application to handle customer interactions, ranging from the online student registration system (PPDB) to answering inquiries from parents of current or prospective GIS Jakarta students.

How GIS Jakarta Uses Qontak

Nunung, the Head of Public Relations, trusted Qontak as the official partner to obtain WhatsApp API. Initially, GIS Jakarta used email for all communication, including the online student registration system (PPDB). However, this became ineffective due to manual message-sending limitations.

Later, GIS switched to WhatsApp Business but faced issues as each education level had separate contact numbers, creating a decentralized system. In 2021, they activated WhatsApp API from Qontak to manage a centralized service number that assisted the online PPDB system. The Chatbot feature was used to expedite customer service responses.

Not everyone is attached to an email – when they check it, they’ll open it. But if not, it won’t be read. People are constantly connected to mobile phones, so WhatsApp API is the solution.”

Nurul HudaHead of Public Relation

Besides simplifying communication and new student registrations, using WhatsApp API also helps maximize internal school service requirements. Most importantly, all activities and communications between school agents and parents can be tracked and recorded.


Limitations of tools for online PPDB system & customer service

When the online PPDB system was implemented, GIS Jakarta used email for communication. Still, it led to suspension risks due to message frequency. Switching to WhatsApp Business with different contact numbers for each education level created additional issues, making centralized communication difficult.

Previously, inquiries about elementary schools were sent to the Public Relations office number. We had to forward the message to the Elementary School Administration or provide the parent with the correct contact number to reach the school again.”

Nurul Huda, Head of Public Relation


Centralized Online Student Registration System and Customer Service

Using the WhatsApp API feature, GIS Jakarta created a central communication channel managed by multiple agents through a single dashboard.

With Qontak, GIS Jakarta’s official WhatsApp number is no longer limited to new student registrations. It now serves as the communication channel for customer service between students, parents, and the school for daily information. GIS Jakarta also sends e-newsletters every six months using the WhatsApp API broadcast feature through the same number.

Having an official green-checked communication channel looks professional. GIS Jakarta is committed to providing a centralized and effective communication system.

Handling Customers with a Responsive Chatbot

All customer interactions are efficiently managed through a Chatbot, which automatically responds to messages. This avoids the likelihood of missing any messages, as agents no longer need to be assigned manually.

The Chatbot also offers conversation topic options, speeding up response times to customer inquiries. Agents can quickly and accurately respond to all messages using the assign agent feature.

Monitoring Data for Comprehensive Customer Service Reports

Initially, GIS Jakarta used WhatsApp API solely for the online PPDB communication channel. However, the integrated CRM system from Qontak can also be used for school reporting purposes. Data such as frequently asked questions, the number of inquiries received, and response times can now be easily downloaded and stored.

Furthermore, when the school sends WhatsApp broadcasts for internal purposes, the Report feature can provide statistical data on sent, delivered, read, and failed messages, including reasons for delivery failures. Previously, this data was a mystery and too challenging to track individually.

Previously, we didn’t know because it couldn’t be tracked. For example, it turned out that the average response time was one minute, according to the report. Now, we know, ‘Oh, that was the speed back then.’ So now we can evaluate and improve.”

Nurul HudaHead of Public Relation

As a supervisor, Nunung can also view and evaluate the overall activities of agents in handling customers, providing accurate assessment criteria and feedback.


Providing an Effective and Measurable Student Registration and Customer Service System

WhatsApp API from Qontak helps agents from each education level handle customer interactions through a single channel, making it easier for parents to contact the school through an official green-checked number. The school also gains a more professional image, ultimately enhancing the satisfaction of GIS Jakarta parents.

With the same number, Nunung’s team can handle online student registrations and communicate with parents. In addition, with the Chatbot feature, all incoming messages can be automatically and accurately responded to. Apart from the convenience and satisfaction for customers, the use of WhatsApp API and Qontak’s CRM helps supervisors monitor, record, and store agent activities at each education level. As a result, the data used for evaluation is more measurable and unbiased.

Everything is quite easy with Qontak, from the demo to the current usage. In essence, everything becomes effective, efficient, and the performance is measurable. If we can be more effective, why not?”

Nurul Huda,Head of Public Relation

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