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Efficient Service Performance Automation at UGM DPP with Omnichannel Automation

Learn how UGM DPP manages a large number of inquiries using Qontak.



The high volume of inquiries from prospective students during the application period overwhelms the customer support team and leads to prolonged response times.



With the introduction of omnichannel features and chatbots, the customer support team’s performance can be lighter and more focused on answering specific questions.

  • CompanyDPP Universitas Gajah Mada
  • LocationYogyakarta
  • IndustryEducation
  • Company Size Big
  • Key features used Omnichannel

Faster response time


Increased student satisfaction

Efficient Service Performance Automation at UGM DPP with Omnichannel Automation


The Directorate of Education and Teaching (DPP) at UGM is a unit within Gadjah Mada University that handles student admissions, academic administration, and educational development. DPP has three subunits: student admissions and institutional affairs, academic administration and information, and graduate studies. The processes at UGM DPP include promotion, student admissions, academic activity recording, and issuing degrees.

They receive around 9,000 to 15,000 new student applications annually. The many applicants need more staff to serve prospective students during the application process.

How UGM DPP Uses Qontak

UGM DPP started using Qontak in mid-2020 during the pandemic. Prita realized that at that time, the information needed by prospective students was limited because of the transition from an offline system, where they visited the campus, to an online system using hotlines. This also caused issues for UGM DPP as many unanswered questions were received because WhatsApp could only be accessed by one admin and required multiple numbers. Qontak became the solution for UGM DPP to manage multiple admins answering questions from students using a single number.

We faced an increasing demand for registration information, which could only be provided online, and having only one person per number made it very challenging. Seeing other units at UGM using Qontak, we became interested in using it as our tool.”

PritaHead of Student Admissions and Institutional Affairs

According to her, Qontak was the best choice as it could directly integrate with all communication channels used by UGM DPP. Conversations could be easily monitored and managed by the customer support team through a single dashboard, and the green checkmark on Qontak made partners trust the UGM number.


The high volume of admission-related inquiries overwhelms the service center

During the admission period, DPP UGM receives over 2,500 inquiries per day. This poses a significant challenge for the service center’s administrators as the workload exceeds their capacity. They often worked until midnight to provide admission information, mostly involving similar questions. To cope with this, they created message templates to address common questions, which helped save time. However, this approach was still ineffective, as many questions remained unanswered, resulting in dissatisfied customers, especially regarding information for new student admissions.


A centralized customer support service accessible anytime

Omnichannel feature to support DPP UGM in handling inquiries from multiple channels

Qontak provided UGM DPP access to an official WhatsApp number as a centralized information hub. Furthermore, through integration, Qontak simplified the customer support team’s ability to respond to student inquiries from WhatsApp and social media channels.

With Qontak, we can provide quick information for incoming questions, especially during the application period.”

PritaHead of Student Admissions and Institutional Affairs

Reducing agents’ workload in answering repetitive questions

According to Prita, one of their team’s challenges was repeatedly dealing with the same questions. This overwhelmed the agents as they had to answer the same things over and over again. The Chatbot feature from Qontak helped UGM DPP address common questions about registration and other information. This allowed their agents to focus on answering more specific questions and resulted in faster response times.

The Chatbot greatly assists our team in answering common questions, reducing fatigue from answering questions beyond operating hours.”

PritaHead of Student Admissions and Institutional Affairs

In creating the FAQ for the Chatbot, UGM DPP first planned questions related to registration, student affairs, and graduation execution. This ensured that the Chatbot could handle frequently asked questions.

Classifying frequently asked customer questions

According to Prita, UGM DPP currently handles approximately 100 daily inquiries, which can reach up to 2,500 during peak times. With the tagging feature, the team can classify the types of questions from prospective students. This helps create a more refined FAQ by focusing on frequently asked questions.


Creating a more effective and responsive admissions service center

UGM DPP improved its service by significantly reducing response times to student and prospective inquiries.

UGM DPP can easily access and monitor the performance of customer service agents while serving prospective students through a single dashboard. Monitoring processes are easier as supervisors can directly observe and assist agents in real-time. Additionally, the Chatbot helps filter out common questions, allowing agents to focus on specific inquiries. With these solutions, UGM DPP increased its response speed by ten times compared to before using Qontak.

We can directly monitor our agents in answering customer inquiries. The Chatbot also greatly helps because we can focus on specific questions.”

PritaHead of Student Admissions and Institutional Affairs


Improved customer satisfaction compared to before

Previously, UGM received complaints from students and new applicants about the unsatisfactory quality of service. After implementing Qontak Omnichannel in their CRM team, a survey conducted in 2021 showed a 100% increase in customer satisfaction compared to the previous year.

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