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Biteship Increases CS Agent Productivity by 34% with Qontak

Learn how Biteship utilizes Qontak to support CS agent performance in efficiently answering and resolving customer inquiries.



Managing client questions from various platforms could be more effective, as different CS agents have to be available on specific media. Performance measurement also needs to be more accurate.



Qontak consolidates all questions from every platform to be resolved on one platform. Each agent’s performance is accurately recorded for precise KPI calculations.


increase in CS agent productivity


more chats answered per day

Biteship Increases CS Agent Productivity by 34% with Qontak

About Biteship

Biteship is a logistics aggregator founded in 2019. Based in Jakarta, Biteship provides access to various delivery service providers such as JNE, GoSend, SiCepat, J&T Express, Tiki, Grab, Lion Parcel, Pos Indonesia, and more within its platform, facilitating vendor selection for business and individual logistics planning.

Why Biteship Chose to Use Qontak

For Biteship, most customer questions come from platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. As a result, Biteship assigned different agents to monitor these two platforms and provide quick responses. This was highly inefficient since agents monitoring Instagram could only focus on that platform, even though WhatsApp might have been flooded with questions at certain times. Additionally, agent performance couldn’t be accurately measured as response speed and customer satisfaction couldn’t be directly assessed.

Before using Qontak, CS agents had to be allocated to different platforms. Each agent had to be on standby on a designated platform, either WhatsApp or Instagram.”

Yuda Faisal Putra - Operation Excellence Manager Biteship
Yuda Faisal PutraOperation Excellence Manager

Biteship needed a solution to efficiently manage client inquiries and accurately monitor CS agent performance for evaluation. Therefore, Biteship started using Qontak in January 2023.


Inefficient allocation of CS agents and challenging monitoring of productivity

Agents need to be assigned to different communication platforms.

During specific campaigns, such as special promotions on dates like 1.1 or 2.2, Biteship received numerous orders, inquiries, and client complaints. All these questions came from different platforms, and the distribution was uneven. Some platforms had more questions than others.

Accurate recording of CS agent performance for practical evaluation

The productivity of each CS agent was difficult to monitor because they worked on different platforms, and the speed of answering questions and resolving customer issues couldn’t be easily measured due to a lack of reporting features.


Qontak helps manage inquiries on one integrated platform

Omnichannel feature to gather questions from all platforms

Qontak allows Biteship to handle all client inquiries on a single platform. All questions from Instagram and WhatsApp are instantly collected in the Qontak system, enabling the CS team to provide quick responses.

Previously, each CS agent had to be available on various platforms. Now, with Omnichannel, they can work from a single platform. This directly impacts the efficiency and productivity of each agent, reducing idle time.”

Yuda Faisal Putra - Operation Excellence Manager Biteship
Yuda Faisal PutraOperation Excellence Manager

Accurate recording of CS agent performance in the CRM module

All CS agents now operate on the Qontak platform, and the CRM module automatically records the speed and credibility of each agent’s work. Therefore, supervisors can quickly check each agent’s speed and credibility, facilitating performance evaluations based on unbiased data.


Increased CS agent productivity and overall business operations

Efficient manpower allocation for higher productivity

CS agents no longer need to be placed on different platforms; they work from the Qontak platform. With this convenience, each CS agent’s productivity has increased by up to 20%, simplifying manpower allocation for each shift.

Previously, each of our agents could answer around 100 questions per day. Now, it’s recorded that they can handle more than 120 daily questions per agent.”

Yuda Faisal Putra - Operation Excellence Manager Biteship
Yuda Faisal PutraOperation Excellence Manager

More evenly distributed questions for each CS agent and centralized question management have also helped Biteship improve client and customer satisfaction.

In addition to efficiency improvements, Qontak has also helped us build commercial relationships. Many new clients want to know more about Biteship’s services, and previously, they had to be referred to the relevant department after going through CS agents. Now, these inquiries can be directly assigned to the respective department’s PIC through Qontak.”

Yuda Faisal Putra - Operation Excellence Manager Biteship
Yuda Faisal PutraOperation Excellence Manager

Accurate monitoring of each agent’s KPIs for practical evaluation

With automated and accurate performance tracking from Qontak, supervisors can easily assess each agent’s performance based on predetermined KPIs. This enables effective performance reporting and evaluation processes since the evaluation is now objective and data-driven.

We can directly track how fast and reliable our agents are in providing solutions. This data also serves as monthly or quarterly evaluation material to improve their productivity and competence.”

Yuda Faisal Putra - Operation Excellence Manager Biteship
Yuda Faisal PutraOperation Excellence Manager

Qontak is an efficiency-driven customer service management solution

Placing different CS agents on various platforms proved inefficient in terms of productivity and cost, as the number of questions on each platform varied, resulting in different productivity levels for each agent. With centralized customer question management, each agent becomes more productive, and this productivity is automatically recorded as objective data for KPI evaluations.

Qontak reminds me of Nelson Mandela’s words, “It always seems impossible until it is done,” because it turns out there is a solution to consolidate all questions and complaints into one platform, enabling our CS team to work more efficiently.

Yuda Faisal Putra - Operation Excellence Manager Biteship
Yuda Faisal PutraOperation Excellence Manager

With Qontak, Biteship has successfully increased the efficiency of its CS team and overall operational productivity. Interested in transforming your customer service management like Biteship? Learn more about Qontak at this link or schedule a consultation with the Qontak team by filling out this form.

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