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CRM for travel agencies

Attract and Engage with Travelers Using The Leading CRM for Travel Agencies

Deliver an exceptional customer experience that keeps travel agency clients coming back with Qontak’s CRM

  • Easily manage orders, complaints and customer database
  • Broadcast personalized promotional messages and announcements
  • View customer journeys better through our state-of-the-art platform
  • Centralize all customer service within one omnichannel software

Many travel agencies businesses have taken the advantage of Mekari Qontak

Challenges of travel agencies without the omnichannel CRM

Uncentralized channels
Uncentralized channels

Multiple communication channels and repetitive inquiries handled causing low productivity.

Low engagement
Low engagement

Customer journeys are not recorded well hence difficulty in creating personalization.

Long response time
Long response time

KPI monitoring process is not clear, causing customer service to slacking off on their task.

A dynamic centralized platform for secured traveling

Manage all incoming inquiries from multiple channels from one centralized platform.

Increase customer service response rate

Increase customer service response rate

  • Respond quickly to every incoming message with an automated chatbot.
  • Send unlimited broadcast WhatsApp messages without risk of getting blocked.
  • Easily manage incoming messages of various communication channels within on platform.
Overwhelming workload for agents

Overwhelming workload for agents

  • Agents are overloaded with incoming messages to respond resulting in slow response rates.
  • Limited promotional messages to send due to limited platform.
  • Agents must swith applications to repond to incoming messages one-by-one.

Improve customer service now

Track sales and customer service in real-time

Manage all customer interactions from multiple channels in one easy view and drag & drop

Ensure high customer satisfaction

  • Easily trace status of compalints and orders from the beginning of customers journey.
  • Send personalized messages based on detailed interaction history.
  • Measure and improve customer satisfaction with a customizable CSAT survey.
Ensure high customer satisfaction

No customer satisfaction tracking

  • Manual checking of tickets causing long response and resolution time.
  • Agents reply to messages using rigid and inflexible templates in order to save time
  • Manual record of feedback to measure customer satisfaction.
No customer satisfaction tracking

Build loyal customers today

What does the Omnichannel CRM for travel agencies do?

The Omnichannel CRM is built to simplify customer service of travel agencies, by automated recording and management of orders, to mass promotions, including conflict resolution for customers.

The CRM software is equipped with features to manage all customer data within a state-of-the-art platform. This software enables reporting of all business activity, accessible in real-time.

Additionally, the Omnichannel CRM is also integrated with other communication channels, facilitating quality customer service online and offline.

  • Nonstop 24/7 customer service
  • Respond to customer inquiries automatically through the Chatbot
  • Store and manage all interaction automatically within the CRM
  • One account to manage all devices
  • Send broadcast notifications, confirmation, promotions and more to thousands of contacts at once
  • Report all customer service activity accessible in real-time
  • Integrate multiple channels within one platform to provide consistent customer experience

The Omnichannel CRM enables businesses to fulfil customer needs both online and offline. All customer data is updated in real-time and accessible whenever and wherever.

The Omnichanel CRM for travel agencies also connects several accounts on various channels. This integration enables easy interaction with customers, from whichever application they prefer.

The Omnichannel CRM for travel agencies is designed to support customer service. When a traveller sends a message on WhatsApp, the interaction is automatically kept on the system and the AI Chatbot responds immediately based on triggers. If inquiries are unable to be completed, messages are redirected automatically to agents.

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