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Sales GPS Tracking

Track all employee activities

Monitor the position of employees while on duty in the field in real time with the GPS feature of the Omnichannel CRM application to ensure all sales run smoothly.

Track all employee activities

Make sure all sales run smoothly

Track employee activities while on duty in the field directly to ensure all sales activities run smoothly

  • All employee and customer interactions are recorded

    Pay attention and monitor all activities and results of the field sales team when visiting customers

  • Achievement reports updated in real time

    Sales reports are updated in real time, providing you with accurate information regarding your agent’s achievements.

  • Easy to monitor employee position

    All the activities of your employees from a single dashboard view, making it easier to monitor their performance.

  • Automatic database synchronization

    All data from various business channels is automatically synchronized, so there is no more data overlap.

Accelerate sales process

Equip employees with customer roadmaps to save time, thereby increasing sales

  • Create your own sales roadmap

    Create your own field trip roadmap according to customer location to save even more time

  • Reach customers based on their whereabouts

    Visit customers wherever they are without making them wait long to speed up transactions.

  • Save time by reaching nearby customers

    Track customer position and prioritize nearby customers to visit first to save time

  • Facilitate team collaboration to speed up the sales process

    Make it easy for employees to coordinate with other teams to complete sales in one application, so there is no miscommunication.

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