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Mobile Omnichannel CRM

Increase sales and customer service without limits

Serve customers and make sales from anywhere without space restrictions by using Omnichannel CRM mobile access.

 Increase sales and customer service without limits

Intuitive dashboard for all needs

Show all sales and customer service activities according to business needs without fear of missing any interactions.

  • All customer interactions are displayed in one dashboard

    Monitor all business activities and activities through a reporting dashboard that can be customized as needed

  • Real time achievement report for each agent

    No need to wait for updates from each agent at the end of the day to know the immediate progress of their achievements.

  • Track agent's whereabouts with Live GPS

    Make sure the field sales team actually visits and gets achievements by tracking them in real time.

  • Auto-reminder so no tickets & deals are missed

    Reduce the chance of losing customers by paying attention to every detail and tickets that are old and on deadline.

Manage all customers and data centrally

Simplify employee performance with various advanced features to speed up the sales process and customer service

  • All business channels connected in one view

    Receive and serve all customers from various channels directly and automatically in one unified application.

  • Contacts and conversation history are saved automatically

    No more losing detailed customer information and customer history and journey from start to finish.

  • Improve productivity and customer experience

    Take advantage of personal robotic assistants for businesses so that service is 24/7 unlimited and customers are loyal.

  • Grow efficiency and interaction between teams

    Forward and organize all messages to related teams automatically for a more efficient and productive team.

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