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The Best Helpdesk Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing System Resolves Customer Requests Quickly and Efficiently

The Helpdesk ticketing system provides quality and organized customer service to maximize customer satisfaction and experience.

  • Auto complete customer ticket
  • Simplify customer service flow
  • Advanced routing agent system
  • Save time on completing customer tickets
  • Integration of all channels in one platform


Mekari Qontak Ticketing Sysatem trusted by 3500+ Indonesian companies

Businesses Challenges Without a Helpdesk Ticketing System


Response too long

The large number of customer questions makes it difficult for agents to respond to customers


Ineffective workflow

No chat ticket system to assist and track customer service process in real time


Can not be customized

The stages in the ticketing system cannot be moved to suit the user’s needs


Many tickets expired

There is no rotting time feature which helps indicate the ticket is too old at some stage

Helpdesk Ticketing System Manage Orders Efficiently

Use the best Helpdesk Ticketing System from Mekari Qontak to help manage all orders and customer inquiries effectively

Complete all customer orders

Complete all customer orders

  • Stages in the ticketing system that can be moved based on user requirements.
  • Smart advanced filters to display tickets with specific categories and criteria.
  • The rotting time feature effectively indicates the ticket has been in for too long at a certain stage.
Orders overflow, so it's not finished

Orders overflow, so it's not finished

  • Representatives and teams cannot move stages in the ticketing system as required.
  • There are no filters that help display tickets according to a particular category or criteria.
  • Many questions are missed because there is no rotting time feature that reminds you.

Automatically manage tickets

Helpdesk Ticketing System Serve customers more easily

Complete all customer inquiries and orders easily and quickly using Qontak's omnichannel integration

Effectively Workflow by Helpdesk Ticketing System

  • Integrate multiple conversational channels in one smart mobile application dashboard.
  • End a conversation session easily using the 'Resolve' button feature.
  • Manage all conversations in one Qontak omnichannel chat dashboard.
Effectively Workflow by Helpdesk Ticketing System

Ineffective workflow

  • All conversation channels must be accessed and resolved through different applications.
  • Not knowing which conversations have been handled and completed successfully.
  • Hassle switching apps to finish the conversation on different channels.
Ineffective workflow

Switch to advanced ticketing software

Helpdesk Ticketing System Manages Customer Database Effectively

A centralized database system that helps manage the entire history of customer interactions and transactions easily and precisely

Accelerate business with ticketing system

Accelerate business with ticketing system

  • Timeline history to facilitate the process of monitoring customer-related activities.
  • Take notes, assignments, tickets, phone calls, emails, and attach customer-related documents.
  • SLA policy (Service Level Agreement) as monitoring and reporting that helps monitor violations.
Incomplete customer information

Incomplete customer information

  • There is no timeline history system that helps simplify the process of monitoring customer-related business activities.
  • All customer-related activities are ineffective because they are done manually and repeatedly.
  • There is no SLA policy that serves as monitoring and reporting regarding potential violations.

Best support system for business

What is a ticketing system?

A ticketing system is a program that can help companies to accommodate, manage, and track customer requests. Customers often give questions or complaints to the company by telephone, or message. With the ticketing software, customer’s messages from various platforms such as WhatsApp, Phone, Chatbot, E-mail, and so on, will turn into a customer ticket.

With only one platform, this ticketing system makes it easy for customer service to prioritize messages, then track and follow-up customer requests. Communication between the customer support team and customers to handle complaints can be better resolved with an online helpdesk in the ticketing application. This application is integrated with a trusted CRM or customer relationship management system.

A ticketing system can help customer support teams prioritize, track, and follow up on customer requests on a single platform.

In addition, the ticketing system also allows the customer support team to communicate more precisely and efficiently with customers and handle complaints. This system is usually integrated into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Here are the benefits that businesses can get by using a ticketing system:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and simplify employee tasks.
  • Provide effective solutions to customer problems.
  • Help prioritize urgent tickets.
  • Speed up workflow and increase team productivity.
  • Help monitor the business in case of violations especially for high priority cases.
  • Increase customer retention rates.
  • Offer a self-service system to customers.

1. Mekari Qontak
Mekari Qontak offers a CRM ticketing system that makes it easier for teams to handle tickets faster. Qontak’s ticketing software ensures that all agents receive the same information and purchase tickets.

Main Features: CRM or Ticketing System, PBX System, IVR, SLA, ACD, Agent Routing, Wallboard Inbound & Outbound, Supervisor Tools, User Features, and Omnichannel support.

2. Awesome Support
Awesome Support is one of the most popular ticketing support system options for WordPress. While Awesome Support is very easy to set up, it’s not powerful enough for the needs of most support teams.

Main Features: Canned responses, Unlimited ticket history, Unlimited agents and tickets and email support.

3. Help Scout
Help Scout is a helpdesk ticketing application that can help you to provide customer support more easily and powerfully.

Main Features: Shared Inbox, Reporting, Knowledge Base, Live Chat and Messages.

4. Spiceworks
Spiceworks is a cloud-based helpdesk ticketing software designed to manage tickets from customer interactions. This ticketing software also provides customer support through multiple channels and tracks agent performance.

Main Features: Ticket Prioritization, Knowledge Base, Time Tracking, MobileSelf Service and Active Directory.

5. TalkDesk
TalkDesk offers a ticketing software that helps manage customer support faster. The TalkDesk app supports customer service teams creating consistent customer relationships.

Main Features: Session Routing, Session Queuing, Concurrent Calling, IVRI, nbound Screen Pop and Persistent Data

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