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Data Access Hierarchy

Set Data Access Based on Authority for Optimal Security

Define unlimited hierarchical layers to manage data access settings that can help secure and protect your database

 Set Data Access Based on Authority for Optimal Security

Easy data hierarchical access settings

Manage data access settings effectively and efficiently with easy data access hierarchy arrangement from Mekari Qontak.

  • One-to-Many System

    The data structure is easy to understand and allows users at the top of the hierarchy to easily access data across all sections.

  • Data Hierarchy

    Each access has a different data authority, so it has a clear chain of command, lines of authority, and reporting.

  • Quick Navigate

    Users can navigate files or data on the database map quickly and easily according to the hierarchical access they have.

  • Customize

    Customize access hierarchical data by grouping your team by geography, deal size, product division, and more.

Effectively organize and manage business data

Use the hierarchical data access system from Mekari Qontak to get better employee productivity and performance.

  • Parent-Child Relationship

    The data access hierarchy has a parent-child relationship pattern like a tree structure, which allows one parent node to have many child nodes.

  • Management Level

    Different levels of management allow each employee to have different roles and responsibilities for different actions and decisions.

  • Setting Information

    The data access hierarchy allows you to easily add and delete any new information in the business database system.

  • Effective Specialization

    Specialization allows a company or organization to concentrate certain expertise and resources in achieving maximum efficiency.

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