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AI Chatbot Studio

Create an AI Robot Assistant According to Your Business Needs

Use Mekari Qontak Chatbot to streamline customer conversations based on scripts and maximize capacity

Create an AI Robot Assistant According to Your Business Needs

Intelligent AI Technology to Support Your Work

AI Chatbots can imitate human conversations in the form of text or voice messages in natural and easy-to-understand language.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Build the best customer service with advanced AI robots that can answer customer messages and questions 24/7.

  • Message Automation

    Manage all logic-based message automation, including reminders, notifications, marketing, remarketing, and so on.

  • Team Productivity

    Use the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Bot to automatically respond to all recurring customer questions and requests.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Effectively increase customer satisfaction using a switching system and intuitive chat menu that your customers can choose from.

Optimal & interactive customer service

Start conversations and manage customer complaints quickly and precisely using the easy-to-use advanced AI Chatbot studio technology.

  • Low Cost

    The use of AI Chatbots allows businesses to save costs because they don’t have to recruit a lot of customer service to serve customers.

  • Quality Customer Experience

    Quick and precise responses to customer inquiries can provide a meaningful positive experience for your business customers.

  • Conversion Increase

    Increase customer conversions with the right Chatbot answers and be able to convince customers to make a purchase transaction.

  • Sales Increase

    Increase your business revenue by easily creating and uploading Chatbots and running them according to your business needs.

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