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Why Qontak

Importance of Cloud-Based CRM Software Tools for Business

Accelerate sales and customer service processes with the best CRM tools optimally. Stay connected in real-time with field sales and customer service teams.

Advantages of using the best CRM tools Mekari Qontak

The web-based Mekari Qontak CRM tools store all your sales and customer service data. Web-based technology allows you to access and monitor your business performance anytime and anywhere.

Maximizing sales effectiveness

Maximizing sales effectiveness

No more losing sales with unlimited 24/7 sales automation and customer service.

Real-time accurate reports

Real-time accurate reports

Make precise and fast business decisions through real-time, comprehensive, and flexible reports.

Strengthen collaboration between teams

Strengthen collaboration between teams

Unify all team activities in one platform to make collaboration and monitoring easier.

Best security and support

Best security and support

No longer afraid of losing customer data with cloud technology like the security in the financial industry.

Comparison of Mekari Qontak's CRM tools with others

Mekari Qontak CRM software tools is equipped with comprehensive features that are easy and can be customized as needed. Flexibility is one of the best points that Qontak CRM tools have compared to others.

Spesifikasi Software CRM Qontak Software CRM lainnya
Ease of use Modules are easy to use Simple UI/UX Can be used on desktop and mobile app Repetitve and difficult modules Complex UI/UX Does not support use on mobile apps
Local needs fulfilment Live GPS tracking feature to track mobility of Sales Team Does not support live GPS tracking to track Sales Team mobility
Customizations Flexible to customize with open API system Customizable data fields Hard to do custom Customizations will cost a lot
Reports and analysis Comprehensive Supports integration with other platforms Comprehensive, but not flexible to connect with other platforms
End-to-end solutions Supports integration with communication channels (chat, phone, email) and social media. Not all CRMs support integration with communication channels and social media.
Customer support 24/7 dedicated support at no extra cost There is an additional fee to get a dedicated service
Price Affordable price No training fees No additional fees for dedicated support High price There is an additional fee for training There is an additional charge for the dedicated service

5 reasons Mekari Qontak CRM tools is the first choice

Mekari Qontak CRM tools, changes the way to manage sales and customer service through full features for various needs in business.

Mekari Qontak is a pioneer of cloud-based CRM tools in Indonesia that has been trusted by more than 3,000+ in Indonesia.

The appearance of the application is modern & easy to use by anyone including beginners in running a business accurately.

Find the convenience of managing sales and customer service from multiple channels in one CRM tools.

Free product training and support available at any time for the implementation of Qontak CRM tools.

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