Mekari Qontak
Data driven customer service software

Delight customers with intuitive customer service software

Mekari Qontak’s customer service software enables businesses to manage communications across multiple channels and monitor customer support activities to achieve satisfaction.

  • Serve customers from their preferred channels
  • Automate customer responses in just seconds
  • Provide 24/7 customer service with the help of a chatbot
  • Reduce customer service operational costs

More than 35,000+ businesses globally use Mekari Qontak customer service software

Advantages of using customer service software


Centralized service

Integrate customer service software with various communication channels that businesses use.


Faster service

Set automations to respond to customers requests instantly and effectively.


Improved productivity

Reduce and effectively assign team workload across division evenly or in a custom manner.


Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

Enhance customer service experiences using data driven omnichannel technology

Build stronger customer relationships and loyalty

Provide better service at every stage of the customer journey

Serve customers on their preferred channel

Serve customers on their preferred channel

  • A single inbox to receive all incoming support tickets from WhatsApp, FB, IG, and more
  • Increase engagement and loyalty through personalized interactions
  • Serve customers 24/7 immediately with no hassle
Slow and disorganized csutomer service experience

Slow and disorganized csutomer service experience

  • Repetitive answers to inquiries cause a breakdown in communication and constant switching between channels
  • Difficult to identify and unify customer and prospect information due to fragmentation
  • Long response times due to lack of oversight, limited agents, and human driven operational hours

Get and increase loyal customers easily

Increase customer service efficiency up to 80%

Win and retain customer loyalty with cutting edge technology

Boost agent productivity and care

  • Kanban, drag & drop display makes it easy to check orders & tickets progress
  • Improve team collaboration to avoid miscommunication and cut resolution time
  • Prioritize urgent tickets with automatic reminders, reducing missed customer tickets
Boost agent productivity and care

Customer retention and satisfaction an increasingly recurring issue

  • Difficult to track active tickets caused by the large number of incoming tickets from all channels
  • Lack of coordination between teams due to the needs of switching between communication platforms
  • Abandoned tickets due to difficulty on monitoring incoming tickets
Customer retention and satisfaction an increasingly recurring issue

Organize and manage tickets on Qontak's customizable customer service software and unified into a single view

Streamline your customer service process

Automate tasks with Qontak's customer service software

Build stronger relationships with customers

Build stronger relationships with customers

  • Strengthen relationships by personalizing messages based on customer profiles
  • Set scheduled messages and send automatically to customers as needed
  • Get customer engagement data from sent and read messages in one dashboard view
Customer profiles lack consolidation and tracking

Customer profiles lack consolidation and tracking

  • Customer needs and complaints difficult to comprehend due to scattered data
  • Manual sending of messages to each customer increases risks of inaccuracy and missed information
  • Customers confused and angry due to lack of knowledge of case history from agents

Increase customer engagement and loyalty with scheduled and automated reminders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a customer service software?

Customer service software is a tool that helps an organization provide assistance and/or advice to the people who buy or use their products. It will help your business manage customer queries, solve cases faster and connect customers to the right person at the right time.

Our customer service software is the right solution for businesses looking to improve customer satisfaction. This application has all the features you need to simplify customer service.

Generally, our customer service software is integrated with the CRM software to support engagement and sales. In addition, this application opens other communication channels such as WhatsApp API, call center, and omnichannel.

What is the best customer service software?

1. Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak is a comprehensive customer service software with advanced features and integration capabilities. It provides a centralized platform for managing customer interactions and support channels.

Main features: Agent routing, omnichannel support, ticket management, chatbot integration, knowledge base management, analytics and reporting, CRM integration, WhatsApp API integration, and many more.

Developer: PT Qontak Tumbuh Makmur


Download Link: Android | iOS

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is a popular customer service software known for its robust features and user-friendly interface. It offers a range of tools to streamline customer support and engagement.

Main features: Ticket management, live chat support, customer self-service portal, workflow automation, reporting and analytics, and integrations with other business systems.

Developer: Zendesk, Inc.


3. Hootsuite

While primarily known as a social media management platform, Hootsuite also offers customer service features that help businesses manage and respond to customer inquiries and feedback on social media.

Main features: Social media monitoring and engagement, automated response handling, social listening, team collaboration, reporting and analytics.

Developer: Hootsuite


To choose the best customer service platform, consider factors such as the size of your business, customer support channels required (e.g., email, phone, live chat), scalability, integration capabilities, reporting and analytics, ease of use, and customer reviews.

Evaluating the platform’s ability to handle your anticipated customer service volume and meet your industry requirements is also important.

At its most basic level, customer service software enables businesses to improve customer service delivery by unifying customer conversations and information across channels and systems in a single location.

Small businesses need customer service applications to help organize, prioritize, and consolidate customer service inquiries. When used well, customer service apps enable quicker, more reliable, and more personalized responses to customer inquiries with the help of a chatbot. This helps small businesses set themselves apart with superior customer service.

  1. Drives customer satisfaction and loyalty
  2. Streamlines self-service
  3. Fosters a seamless agent experience
  4. Gives businesses the ability to scale smarter
  5. Enables smaller teams to do more, faster
  • Help desk software: Typically manages tickets, while live chat software enables real-time customer support.
  • Customer feedback management: Help gather and analyze customer feedback while call center software supports phone-based customer service.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software: Manages customer interactions, sales, and marketing efforts.
  • Live chat software: Enables real-time communication with customers for instant support.
  • Knowledge base systems: Allow businesses to create self-service resources for customers.

CRM can be used for customer service by integrating customer support functionalities into the CRM system. This allows customer service teams to access customer data, track support tickets, manage cases, and provide personalized assistance based on the customer’s history.

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