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Selleri Optimized Customer's Resolution Time and Speed

Learn how Selleri enhances customer service performance through integrated social media channels with Omnichannel features.



As the company grows, the number of customers increases. The customer service team needs help to answer all inquiries and complaints.



With a centralized and accessible customer service solution, the team no longer have to face difficulties on serving numerous customers

  • CompanySelleri
  • LocationJakarta
  • IndustryTechnology
  • Company Size Medium
  • Key features used Omnichannel

Increase in active users


Faster response time

Selleri Optimized Customer’s Resolution Time and Speed

About Selleri

When the pandemic hit on June 2021, Selleri was formed to help people generate income from home by becoming drop shippers or resellers. Selleri becomes a social commerce that exists as a partner for drop shippers/resellers and partners for suppliers, all of whom are MSMEs.

By strengthening and maintaining service quality with the communities, Selleri has become a partner of 70,000 resellers and 15,000 suppliers widely spread across Indonesia.

How Selleri uses Qontak

Najib, as the Head of Operations at Selleri, initially used Qontak as an OTP code sender. However, with the increasing number of partners and resellers, he realized there should be a specific tool to support business performance in supplier acquisition, marketing, and customer service.

Users (suppliers, resellers & dropship partners) are getting more questions from their customers, thus Selleri also receives more questions to be answered. Therefore, we must be able to provide quick service using one WhatsApp number.”

Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder Selleri

Several other vendors have come to Selleri to offer Omnichannel CRM services. Still, Najib feels that Qontak is the best choice, with its ability to be directly integrated into all of Selleri’s communication channels with partners. This way, conversations can be easily monitored and managed by the CS team through one centralized dashboard. Moreover, users’ trust has increased by having the WhatsApp verified badge for Selleri’s CS number.


The increasing number of users makes customer service overwhelmed

At first, Selleri only had one employee to handle complaints and questions from partners. Over time, the number of partnerships increased drastically which resulted in an overwhelming amount of questions that a single agent couldn’t solve. Initially, Selleri used several numbers and WhatsApp groups to handle the partnerships. Of course, this is considered less effective since it takes a long time for agents to respond to every customer. In addition, not only solve customers’ queries, Selleri also needs to educate their partners broadly.


Centralized customer service that can be accessed at any time

Omnichannel feature to support customer service in handling partner inquiries from several channels

Qontak provides sellers access to an official WhatsApp number to become a center for complaints and inquiries. Due to social media integration, Qontak also makes it easy for the customer service team to answer partner questions from other channels, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Solving problems quickly, selling and shipping processes so users can know more about when they will be sent, etc.”

Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder Selleri

Selleri is also helped by a feature that can help them classify conversations so that later they can further analyze which types of conversations often arise.

Easy to use because you can classify conversations with customers so that later you can track the number based on classification.”

Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder Selleri

The process of collecting data on complaints from customers used by Selleri and Qontak is as follows:

  1. Accept complaints
  2. Tagging and classification of the complaint (delivery, goods, etc.)
  3. Forward related team
  4. Send the information back to the customer.

Monitor customer service performance in handling complaints and questions from partners

According to Najib’s explanation, Selleri’s customer service can handle approximately 200 daily questions for every agent. So it is necessary to have tools that can monitor the performance of these agents so that KPIs from customer service can be achieved. These KPIs include response time. With the presence of Qontak, Selleri can monitor their customer service performance using the report dashboard feature. This makes it easier for them because reports can be observed in real-time, and the reports can be retrieved easily even though there are thousands of data.

Response time can be monitored in the form of a report in real-time; the report can be retrieved easily if there are thousands of data.”

Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder Selleri

Marketing campaigns are easier to run because of the presence of WhatsApp Blast

Not only used as customer service, Qontak also helps Selleri carry out its marketing activities. Selleri usually conducts marketing activities, including educating its partners through the community. With the unlimited WhatsApp Blast feature, it makes it easier for the Selleri marketing team to be able to educate new partners via WhatsApp.

Response time can be monitored in the form of a report in real-time, and the report can be retrieved easily if there are thousands of data.”

Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder Selleri


Delivering more effective and responsive services and education to partners

Improved customer service through faster response times

Selleri can easily access and monitor the performance of its customer service agents using the agent report feature from Qontak. This enables quick and effective evaluation, resulting in a 2x response speed increase compared to Qontak.

Monitoring agents using Qontak in detail in responding to questions and solving problems. Understanding which agents need coaching or not.”

Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder Selleri

Increasing the number of active users by making partner education easier

With the feature for easily sending unlimited blast messages, Selleri can more easily educate its partners. This action has resulted in a 5% increase in active users compared to before.

5% increase in active users on after running education campaigns via WhatsApp and other channels.”

Najmuddin HuseinCo-Founder Selleri

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