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Laukita's Order Number Increase Thanks to Effective Customer Service

Learn how Laukita enhances customer service with advanced Omnichannel features.



Ineffective customer service due to limited access to a single number for multiple users.



By using Omnichannel, Laukita utilizes Chat Panel, and Chatbot features to speed up response time and direct conversations to the right users.

  • CompanyLaukita, PT. Solusi Makanan Indonesia (SMI)
  • LocationJakarta
  • IndustryFnB (Food and Beverage)
  • Company Size Small
  • Key features used CRM , Omnichannel

Faster response time


Increase in the number of orders

Laukita’s Order Number Increase Thanks to Effective Customer Service

About Laukita

Laukita is a product of PT. Solusi Makanan Indonesia (SMI), a leading distributor in the ready-to-eat food and beverage industry established in March 2020 in Jakarta. They offer up to 14 certified BPOM and Halal ready-to-eat food and dish variants, covering 20 major cities in Indonesia through various sales channels.

In its business process, Laukita relies on various sales channels and applications to handle customer support for B2C and B2B customers.

How Laukita Uses Qontak

Chitra, the Customer Service Manager, explains that Laukita uses Qontak to assist the customer service team in answering and addressing customer inquiries and complaints. Initially, they had only one contact number for customer service, making it challenging to meet response time targets.

Therefore, in 2022, Laukita started using Qontak’s Omnichannel feature. Chitra used Chat Panel and Chatbot to manage a centralized service number with multiple users from different devices, serving 500-600 customers and handling approximately 15 weekly inquiries.

We use Qontak as the core service system, allowing multiple customer service representatives to handle it.”

Chitra FebrimawarniCustomer Service Manager

Laukita is also developing its business using Qontak CRM for monitoring and reporting purposes.


Limitations of tools in customer service activities

In 2020, Laukita did not use a customer service system to effectively manage inquiries, complaints, or partner registrations. They needed tools to facilitate customer service management for B2B and B2C customers.


Distributed yet Centralized Customer Service Management

The Omnichannel feature supports centralizing customer and partner services from multiple channels.

With Qontak, Laukita uses a single official WhatsApp number as the customer service center. Through Omnichannel integration, they can manage customer inquiries and complaints from WhatsApp and other social media platforms using a single number operated by multiple users.

Everything is streamlined to handle product inquiries, ordering issues, or partnerships. However, partner registrations can still be directed to a dedicated platform after contacting/consulting the customer service team.”

Chitra FebrimawarniCustomer Service Manager

Customer Service with Responsive Chatbot

Within a single Omnichannel, Laukita’s customer service is handled by various divisions, such as sales, stores (for consumers), and partners, thanks to the agent routing feature in the Chatbot. The quick reply feature in the Qontak Chatbot enables the customer service team to respond to inquiries using pre-set templates automatically.

The Chatbot helps answer incoming questions, reducing repetitive information from the customer service team. Moreover, it includes customer journey tracking, allowing the team to understand customer needs.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting of Customer Service

Laukita is currently developing the CRM with Qontak for real-time monitoring and reporting of customer service. The Qontak CRM provides daily real-time data, such as customer traffic, which helps the team gain insights into customer support, frequently asked questions, and monthly complaints.

The Customer Service team has a cutoff time to input daily reports. However, the Qontak CRM provides real-time data, such as high and low customer traffic, that reaches Customer Service daily. Therefore, we are currently developing the CRM with Qontak.”

Chitra FebrimawarniCustomer Service Manager


Delivering More Effective and Responsive Service

Customer service response time has become faster with the help of Chat Panel and Chatbot from Qontak’s Omnichannel.

With one number, Laukita can handle customer inquiries and complaints related to delivery, payment, product quality, and partnerships. Customers can also place orders and get assistance through a single WhatsApp number. Qontak’s Omnichannel allows Laukita to manage customer service from different channels, set working hours, customize response messages, send promotional broadcasts, and be more responsive with the help of a chatbot.

We are happier because customers who chat with Laukita are immediately answered and assisted by the Chatbot, and only when needed a customer service team member will greet and serve the customer. We are satisfied with Qontak as it fulfills our company’s needs.”

Chitra FebrimawarniCustomer Service Manager

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