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IALF's Information Center Automation Successfully Increases Number of New Students

Learn how IALF improved new student enrollment by delivering information faster through Omnichannel Qontak.



IALF needed to adapt to changing customer behaviors in the digital era. They required new tools to support marketing and customer service activities.



Introducing omnichannel, agent assignments, campaigns, and WhatsApp blasts allowed marketing and customer support teams to work more efficiently and respond quickly to prospective customers.

  • CompanyIALF
  • LocationJakarta, Bali
  • IndustryEducation
  • Company Size Medium
  • Key features used Omnichannel

Faster response time


Increase in customer satisfaction

IALF’s Information Center Automation Successfully Increases Number of New Students

About IALF

Founded in 1989 in Jakarta, IALF provides English language education, teacher training, and study abroad services. With branches in Bali, Jakarta, and Serpong, IALF is also an official IELTS test center in Indonesia. Their business includes General English and Academic English training, with a top-rated IELTS preparation program.

IALF’s process starts with digital marketing campaigns to attract and inform users about their programs. They offer an initial assessment to determine the student’s English language proficiency. Afterward, they provide information about IELTS tests and courses for the after-sales process.

How IALF Uses Qontak

Jay, the Digital Marketing Manager, explains that IALF uses Qontak to assist the customer service team in acquiring and managing customers. For customer acquisition, Qontak is a central hub for inquiries from prospective students interested in their programs. Users can directly connect to the official IALF WhatsApp number from digital ads to inquire about their offerings. Qontak is also used to remind students about payments and course schedules. Regarding after-sales, Qontak sends reminders about scheduled IELTS tests, providing quick and mass information distribution.

IALF started using Qontak in 2020, adapting to users’ preference for contacting them through WhatsApp for inquiries. Handling about 150 questions daily, IALF needed a better communication tool.

The need for information has increased, and most customers are more comfortable using WhatsApp than email or other channels.”

Jay Arief RahmanDigital Marketing Manager

Previously, IALF used regular WhatsApp Business accounts for each branch, presenting challenges in responsive customer service and coordination. They needed a tool to integrate communication between teams.


Limited tools for marketing and customer service in the digital era

Initially using regular WhatsApp and later WhatsApp Business, IALF encountered limitations with multiple agents, direct monitoring for marketing activities, and coordination among customer service teams. Manual data classification resulted in suboptimal service.


Centralized and accessible customer support

The omnichannel feature supports IALF’s student service center to handle inquiries from various channels.

Qontak provides one official WhatsApp number as an information center. Quick replies using templates streamline customer support. Social media integration enables easy response management from WhatsApp and other platforms. The quick reply feature allows prompt responses with pre-made message templates.

With Qontak, we can provide quick information for questions related to our programs.”

Jay Arief RahmanDigital Marketing Manager

Easy and quick agent assignment

Agent assignment feature allows easy assignment of customer support agents. Qontak’s mobile accessibility will enable agents to answer inquiries anytime and anywhere, helping with multiple branches. The notes feature facilitates inter-agent communication, ensuring informative exchanges.

Easier monitoring of marketing campaigns

Qontak assists IALF in marketing activities, including social media ads, events, and information blasts. WhatsApp Blast enables mass messaging without limits, sending promotional messages to targeted customers based on sorted data. Reporting feature evaluates campaign success and improves performance.

We can send promotional messages to potential customers whom we believe have the potential to be reached again, hoping to spark their interest in studying at IALF.”

Jay Arief RahmanDigital Marketing Manager


Effective and responsive information service center

Customer support delivers faster responses to prospective students.

IALF easily accesses and monitors customer support agent performance through a single dashboard. Supervisors can observe, assist, and directly assign agents. With these solutions, IALF achieved a 5x increase in response speed compared to Qontak.

We can directly monitor our agents in answering customer inquiries, and since we have three branches, it’s easier to assign our agents to conversations based on customer needs. Supervisors also benefit from real-time monitoring of their team’s performance.”

Jay Arief RahmanDigital Marketing Manager

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