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Automate Call Center and Enhance Customer Satisfaction at CSR Cleaning

Discover how CSR Cleaning improves customer service by tracking and enhancing performance with Mekari Qontak’s Call Center features.



Customer service issues could have been more cohesive due to different service numbers for each branch, making it difficult to track the customer service team’s performance.



By utilizing the Call Center feature, CSR Cleaning can handle all customer inquiries and complaints in one centralized platform while easily tracking the customer service team’s performance.

  • CompanyCSR Cleaning
  • LocationSurabaya
  • IndustryHome Cleaning
  • Company Size Big
  • Key features used Call Center

Increasing order volume


Increasing customer satisfaction

Automate Call Center and Enhance Customer Satisfaction at CSR Cleaning

About CSR Cleaning

CSR Cleaning specializes in home cleaning and facility services, offering various services since 2013 in Surabaya. Currently, CSR Cleaning has 10 branches in major cities such as Bali, Malang, Kediri, Jember, Semarang, Tangerang, East Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, North Jakarta, and Tangerang.

In their business process, CSR Cleaning serves customers through two channels: the customer service team for order taking and service booking and the operational team for handling and resolving customer complaints.

How CSR Cleaning uses Mekari Qontak

Dinda, the Head of Marketing, explains that CSR Cleaning utilizes the Call Center feature to assist the customer service and operational teams in managing customer orders and complaints. Initially, CSR Cleaning had one service number and one device for each branch. However, having multiple WhatsApp numbers hindered team performance as it became challenging to handle customer orders and complaints simultaneously.

After careful consideration, CSR Cleaning used the Call Center application from Mekari Qontak to streamline customer service. The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature in the Call Center application enables one hotline number to be managed by multiple users from different devices. Currently, CSR Cleaning uses only one number to handle all customer orders and complaints.

With Mekari Qontak’s Call Center application, customer service becomes more effective compared to using different WhatsApp numbers for each branch.”

logo csr cleaning
Dinda Wulandari Head of Marketing

In addition to facilitating the customer service and operational teams in handling customers, the Call Center application also assists supervisors in tracking and evaluating team performance. With the automatic conversation recording feature, the performance of the customer service and operational teams can be easily monitored and assessed in a single dashboard.


Fragmented Customer Service Channels Impede Performance and Team Monitoring

Initially, CSR Cleaning used one WhatsApp number for customer service at each branch. Depending on one number per device, Dinda was concerned that her team might make mistakes during customer service interactions. Moreover, this setup made it easier for supervisors to track and evaluate each customer service team’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with recorded evidence of team conversations with customers.


Centralized Hotline Number Improves Customer Service Effectiveness

Through a centralized hotline number, the Call Center application with the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature can automatically route customers to available customer service teams. As a result, customer service teams can manage customer interactions through their respective devices, improving their focus and performance in serving customers.

With Mekari Qontak, CSR Cleaning can use one official WhatsApp API number as all branches’ central customer service hub. Furthermore, the Mekari Qontak Call Center application is equipped with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to assist customers in resolving issues without the need to connect with customer service or operational teams. This streamlines and speeds up response times, ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction.

Easier Monitoring and Evaluation of Customer Service Team Performance in One Dashboard

Through the Call Center application’s dashboard, all team activities are automatically recorded and can be monitored in real-time.

Compared to the manual KPI assessment system used previously, Dinda can now directly monitor her team’s responsiveness and handling of customers. Furthermore, all team activity recordings are the basis for evaluating individual performance. If the team makes mistakes in handling customers, Dinda can provide immediate guidance according to the company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to improve and enhance team performance.

Previously, we had no evidence and didn’t know how to communicate through WhatsApp, serve customers, and handle complaints. Especially for phone calls, there was no chat record. With the Mekari Qontak Call Center application, we can see how customer service responds to customers.”

logo csr cleaning
Dinda Wulandari Head of Marketing


Enhanced Service Performance and Customer Satisfaction

The Mekari Qontak Call Center application assists CSR Cleaning’s customer service team in handling customers through a centralized platform, making it easier to contact CSR Cleaning via a single hotline number. The ACD and IVR features also expedite the response time of the customer service team, ensuring customers are connected to the appropriate agents promptly.

CSR Cleaning can simultaneously handle customer inquiries and complaints with a single number. The customer service team also appears more professional and formal with the Call Center application, contributing to improved customer satisfaction at CSR Cleaning. Besides customer convenience and satisfaction, adopting the Call Center application helps supervisors monitor, record, and store team activity. As a result, the customer service and operational teams achieve better KPIs.

Using Mekari Qontak’s Call Center has made it easier and more practical. So far, using the Mekari Qontak Call Center application has facilitated our customer service and operational teams in offering products, taking orders, and handling customer complaints.”

logo csr cleaning
Dinda Wulandari Head of Marketing

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