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Create strong customer engagement and relationships with a scalabale omnichannel software

Monitor, track, and manage all sales and customer service from your client’s preferred communication channels

  • Integrate multiple communication channels into one platform
  • Reach a wider audience with Omnichannel customer service
  • Increase customer satisfaction with CSAT & NPS surveys available on all channels
  • Identify, capture, and optimize sales opportunities through omnichannel contact center

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More than 3,500+ businesses globally use Mekari Qontak's omnichannel software

Advantages of omnichannel software


Automatic responses

Customer requests will be answered automatically across all channels of business communication using omnichannel software.


Increase conversions

Businesses are able to gain a deeper understanding of their customers through omnichannel software, resulting in greater sales conversion rates.


Boost productivity

Features of Omnichannel software help teams work more efficiently, thus increasing productivity.


Centralize Data

Omnichannel software centralizes all customer interactions across multiple channels into one unified database.

Reduce prospect and customer churn

Centralize all leads and customer data in one end-to-end platform from the very beginning of customer interaction

Complete tasks effectively and efficiently

Complete tasks effectively and efficiently

  • Multiple channels in one omnichannel software allows you to easily and automatically respond to inquiries
  • Increase team productivity with cross task assignment on one platform
  • Strengthen team collaboration through one dashboard with multiple agents settings
Complex and fragmented workflows

Complex and fragmented workflows

  • The hassle of switching between applications from different channels creates stress and disorientation
  • Ineffective processes and work flows create confusions and overlapping tasks
  • Manual input of contacts and customer engagement information inefficient and time consuming

Revamp operational efficiency with Mekari Qontak's omnichannel technology

Make better business decisions

Mekari Qontak omnichannel software facilitates accurate and more comprehensive business decisions

A holistic perspective on business operations

  • Monitor agents, business activities, and all incoming messages in various channels
  • Motivate agents to achieve more through performance reviews based on their recorded real-time activities
  • Measure customer satisfaction scores through CSAT, CES, and NPS surveys
A holistic perspective on business operations

Manual monitoring process

  • Decreased productivity due to the hassle of manually eye-balling all business activities
  • Team performance and SLA cannot be monitored in real-time and must be monitored manually
  • No real-time and automated reports due to manual and time-consuming inputs
Manual monitoring process

Gain visibility on all business activities today

Achieve consistently great customer service with omnichannel software

Add 24/7 AI chatbot technology to automate responses and increase customer satisfaction levels

Maximize customer satisfaction

Maximize customer satisfaction

  • Automatically respond to each inquiry on WhatsApp with our advanced chatbot software
  • Increase productivity by routing messages immediately to the available and relevant agents
  • Process customer orders and complaints instantly in a centralized platform
Low customer satisfaction

Low customer satisfaction

  • Disappointed customers are dissatisfied due to slow responses
  • Disoriented communication between teams decrease overall productivity
  • Unorganized systems cause inefficiency that elongates admin's response time

Reach more customers with our omnichannel software

What is omni-channel?

Omnichannel is a marketing practice of using more than one media channel to communicate with customers and prospects which are integrated with each other in order to create a unified experience for the customer across the board.

In other words, with omnichannel, the customer can seamlessly move between channels on their journey with your brand.

Whatever marketing material they see when they visit your website, Facebook page, brick-and-mortar store, or any other channel, will be unified around a single message or concept.

What is omnichannel software?

Omnichannel software makes you easy to monitor, manage all sales, and customer service from your client’s favorite instant-messaging channels.

The key difference between omnichannel and multichannel is the focal point of your marketing strategy.

Omnichannel involves using all available media channels and is centered around the customer, while multichannel means using more than one channel and is centered around the product or service.

  1. Better data and integrated marketing analytics
  2. Improve brand visibility and recall
  3. Save on costs
  4. Improve the buyer experience
  5. Increase ROI

Omnichannel software lets you get the most out of all your channels, both physical and digital. The goal is to create a seamless, unified experience for your customers across multiple channels.

Customers can shop online through marketplaces, through digital devices through social media, or visit physical stores. The omnichannel software lets consumers switch platforms seamlessly without having to re-learn everything.

Here are tips for implementing omnichannel:

  • Collecting accurate data about your customers
  • Data analysis will help the team meet customer needs at the moment.
  • Create customer journey maps for your audience segments
  • Develop a brand identity with clear guidelines for messaging and creative.
  • Continuously test the efficacy of your omnichannel approach.

There are 5 Keys for a Successful Omnichannel Strategy:

  • Make sure you have an industry leading Omnichannel commerce software
  • Provide a seamless flow of information between channels, including point-of-sale (POS) systems and websites
  • Know your Customer’s Journey Map
  • Build effective Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns
  • Measure your Omnichannel Strategy and adjust accordingly

The future of omnichannel commerce is about physical experiences, convenience, personalization, and efficiency. Customers are increasingly well-informed about their options and care about values and the societal impact of businesses.

So, companies will need to take an omnichannel approach that’s also based on meeting the evolving expectations of the modern consumer.

Omnichannel allows businesses to achieve more availability, drive sales and traffic, and integrate digital touchpoints. Meanwhile, the advantages of Omnichannel software are:

  • Improve customer retention rates by providing multiple choices of communication channels to customers without fear of losing previous interaction history.
  • Increase turnovers and simultaneously reach more customers from different channels.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing better service in quality and time efficiency.
  • Get more referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers.
  • Increase efficiency and organization of customer data across various channels in one platform.
  • Easily organize and understand data to improve customer service tailored to customer needs.
  • Combine online and offline interaction for better user experience.
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