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This one diagram will explain to you why your marketing isn’t working

The circles of marketing are composed of 4 circles inside of each other. Most marketers believe that marketing is just composed of the outside circle – advertisements, hype, and clicks.

The next circle inside has much more use and power. It is the community, the story your brand is telling, the price of your product or service and your loyal group of followers or “tribe”. This is the act of creating a shared perspective among a similar group of people. Smart marketers know their product isn’t for everyone but will do anything to please their core consumers to love the product.

The next circle inside is easily overlooked. It is the extension of the product itself. Is your product being given support after it’s purchase? For example, if your business is a restaurant, people are not just buying your food – they are buying the experience of being at your restaurant. Products and services are only commodities if you treat them that way.

And the innermost circle is the product itself. If your product is useful such that people speak and share it then marketing becomes easier. If your product is a game changer that has revolutionized an industry, marketing comes naturally.

Whenever your marketing isn’t working, move inside the circle to figure out why.

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